Unearte offered concerts dedicated to women during the weekend

This weekend the Anna Julia Rojas hall, located at the National Experimental University of the Arts (Unearte) was the chosen setting to present two days of concerts dedicated to women and the people of Caracas. On the one hand, on Saturday, March 25 at 4:00 p.m., the National Typical Orchestra (OTN) was present, paying homage … Read more

Animal welfare during foot-and-mouth and brucellia vaccination campaigns

Buenos Aires – He National Agrifood Health and Quality Service (Senasa) offers recommendations to take into account at the time of vaccination against foot-and-mouth disease and brucellosis. In Argentina, vaccination campaigns against brucellia and foot-and-mouth disease in bovines are a fundamental pillar for the prevention of diseases and maintenance of the sanitary status. However, the … Read more

The Federal Council of Education ratified its commitment to promote the teaching of Argentine democracy

During the 124th Assembly chaired by the Minister of Education of the Nation, Jaime Perczyk, and which met today at the Cabildo de la Revolución de Mayo, the country’s highest educational authorities issued the declaration “40 years of Democracy in Argentina – More Democracy, More Education, More Rights”. “Today, society agrees that March 24 requires … Read more

Last days to enroll in the “Saint-Exupéry” Scholarships in France

The proposal is addressed to Argentine teachers and/or researchers that are currently being developed doctoral studies with or without co-supervision in Argentine state-run universities. The stays, with a duration of 2 to 4 months, will begin in September 2023. To apply, those interested must reside in the country at the time of applying for the … Read more

[Setagaya Ward Best 20]Elementary School District “Educational Environment Power” Ranking![Deviation value chart latest version]| Tokyo Elementary School District “Educational Environment Power” Ranking 2022 | Diamond Online

2023.3.23 5:00 Members Only Photo:PIXTA Aiming for a better educational environment for children, the time has come to choose an elementary school district by moving before entering school. However, it is difficult to determine which areas are better. Therefore, the Diamond Editorial Department created the “Tokyo Elementary School District “Educational Environment Power” Ranking 2022”. We … Read more

an immersive experience for the hearing impaired thanks to vibrating vests

A very nice initiative for deaf and hard of hearing people. Last February in Chabada, nine teenagers from the Charlotte Blouin medico-social establishment wore vibrating vests to feel the music differently. Vests designed for video games Originally, these vibrating vests were designed for video game players, to enhance their immersive experience. From 2019, cultural establishments … Read more

Success of the public and animals at the 28th Tineo Dog Fair

T. Cascudo Updated: 12/03/2023 19:04 See gallery > Tineo celebrated its twenty-eighth Dog Fair this weekend with great public success and animal participation. Success of the public and animals at the 28th Tineo Dog Fair R. T. C. Tineo celebrated its twenty-eighth Dog Fair this weekend with great public success and animal participation. Success of … Read more

Private healthcare receives ten times more from agreements with the public sector than it spends in its hospitals

“The privatization of health services has an impact that is not directly visible to citizens: it makes the benefits between five and eleven times more expensive, and the more that benefit costs, the fewer resources it leaves for the public system,” he explains. Marciano Sanchez Baylespokesperson for the Federation of Associations for the Defense of … Read more

Notice of call for INTI 2023

The INTI scholarship system has the mission of promoting and accompanying the training of students and graduates of tertiary and university levels, as well as students of postgraduate courses and young researchers from universities (especially public ones) and other institutions in the country. and abroad on strategic issues for the institute and the national industry. … Read more

Breakfast Roundtable: Focus on combating gender-based violence in sport

On the occasion of International Women’s Day 2023, the Enlarged Partial Agreement on Sport (EPAS) is organising a Breakfast Roundtable on Women in Sport which will focus on combating gender-based violence in sport. The event will take place on 8 March from 9.30am to 11.30am in hybrid format (online from Strasbourg, France). During the first … Read more