Sexy Zone, live Blu-ray & DVD “Sexy Zone Anniversary Tour 2021 SZ10TH” released on January 26th next year.Part of the recorded video Teaser Weekly advance release plan also decided

The jacket photo of the live Blu-ray & DVD “Sexy Zone Anniversary Tour 2021 SZ10TH”, which is a video of the 10th anniversary tour of the debut released by Sexy Zone on January 26, 2022, has been released. The first limited edition is a “SZ special BOX specification”, a design that emphasizes the “S” and … Read more

Barenboim is here for the third time! “Vienna New Year’s Concert 2022” –TOWER RECORDS ONLINE

The splendid waltz and polka of the Vienna Philharmonic will live a new year.New Year Concert 2022Daniel Barenboim (Conductor) Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra 5286429:R The Vienna Philharmonic New Year’s Concert is held on January 1st every year. A big event that is broadcast to more than 90 countries around the world via TV and radio from … Read more

“Anime Weekly TOP5” announced! (November 30, 2021) –TOWER RECORDS ONLINE

Click here for the Tower Record Online Anime Chart from November 22, 2021 to November 28, 2021!Tower Records Online’s original anime CDs, video works, books, and goods charts.For products with different “specifications / types” such as the first edition and limited edition, the product titles are added up and totaled. Pay on November 30, 2021Aggregation … Read more

The complete Brahms symphony by Dausgaard & Sweden Chamber Orchestra is now available as a bargain set! (SACD hybrid) –TOWER RECORDS ONLINE

The transparent orchestration is attractive.By Dausgaard & Sweden Chamber TubeThe complete Brahms symphony is now available as a bargain set! SACD hybrid board. The Swedish Chamber Orchestra led by Thomas Dausgaard, who has been attracting attention for his transparent orchestration and exciting performances. Four albums that combine all four Brahms symphonies and a collection of … Read more

Johnny’s masterpiece! In addition to albums, recommended items such as concert video products! –TOWER RECORDS ONLINE

<![CDATA[<![CDATA[<![CDATA[<![CDATA[ ]]]]]]]]>]]]]]]>]]]]>]]><![CDATA[<![CDATA[<![CDATA[]]]]]]>]]]]>]]> 20% off with 3 eligible products! In addition to the album, here are recommended items related to Johnnys such as concert video products! Sale period:November 26, 2021 (Gold) 5:00 to January 16, 2022 (Sun) 23:59* Coupons cannot be used to order this campaign.* Target products and discounts are different from each Tower Records … Read more

KinKi Kids will hold “KinKi Kids Concert 2022” at Tokyo Dome on January 1st next year

KinKi Kids has decided to hold “KinKi Kids Concert 2022” at Tokyo Dome on January 1, 2022. It has also been announced that KinKi Kids will appear at “Johnny’s Festival ~ Thank you 2021 Hello 2022 ~” to be held at Tokyo Dome on December 30th this year.   ▼ Live information「KinKi Kids Concert 2022」January … Read more

Muti talks about the charm of Donizetti- “Don Pasquale” rehearsal & concert video and CD set –TOWER RECORDS ONLINE

Riccardo Muti talks about Donizetti’s charmRehearsal & concert video and CD set of the masterpiece “Don Pasquale” 5283625:R Modern master Riccardo Muti. Rehearsal and concert footage with the Luigi Kerbini Giovannire Orchestra, a youth orchestra that he founded in 2004. This time is Donizetti’s masterpiece “Don Pasquale”. It is the most complete work among Donizetti’s … Read more

Kenji Ozawa | New single “For you and me flying / Fate, or UFO (Dui, Doi)” & first album “Inu barks but caravan advances” reissue released on December 22 –TOWER RECORDS ONLINE

Kenji Ozawa will release a reissue of the new single “For Flying You and Me / Fate, or UFO (Dui, Doi)” & the first album “The dog barks but the caravan advances” at the same time! Single “For you and me flying / Fate, or rather UFO (Dui, Doi)” In 2021, Kenji Ozawa released a … Read more

Shinichi Ueno & Phonics Reflection- “Phonics Marimba Orchestra III-The Classical” –TOWER RECORDS ONLINE

The third in the popular “Marimba Orchestra” series 5273352:R The third in the “Marimba Orchestra” series, which has gained great popularity due to the unique sound of the orchestra centered on “Marimba” and the vast scale of the world that is spun out. This time, we have arranged works of classical masterpieces. The world view … Read more

King & Prince | Live Blu-ray & DVD “King & Prince CONCERT TOUR 2021 ~ Re: Sense ~” released on January 12, 2022 | Purchase first-come-first-served bonus sticker sheet

“King & Prince CONCERT TOUR 2021 ~ Re: Sense ~” in Yokohama, where 28 performances were held in 5 cities nationwide from the performance at Osaka Castle Hall on July 25, 2021 to the Sekisui Heim Ice Arena performance in Makomanai, Hokkaido on September 19. A live video work recording the arena performance has been … Read more