State University and City University will provide scholarships to train thousands of registered nurses | New York | Epoch Times

[EpochTimesNovember192021]In order to alleviate the problem of medical manpower shortage in New York State, Governor Huo Chu at a breakfast meeting hosted by the “Association for a Better New York” on November 18, Announcing a “Nurses For Our Future Scholarship” program, which will pay the tuition fees of the State University of New York or … Read more

39-year-old woman is accused of starving the son of her partner web eye | LOCOMUND

Updated on 10/11/2021 07:12 pm Terrible! A 39-year-old woman was arrested in New York, USA, for allegedly keeping her boyfriend’s son, a less than 7 years old, locked in a room and dying of hunger. Leticia Bravo He is currently facing a second degree murder charge for the death of Peter Cuacas, according to the … Read more

18 former players accused of billionaire fraud – NBC 52

NEW YORK – More than a dozen former NBA players have been indicted in a New York federal court in a multi-million dollar case for allegedly defrauding the basketball league’s health insurance, according to court documents released Thursday. The 18 former NBA players named in the indictment include Terrence Williams, the group’s alleged ringleader, Tony … Read more

Bianca Marroquín considers leaving the musical “Chicago” to fulfill her dream of being a mother

Dreams of Bianca Marroquin they have changed over the years. Her dedication to the theater, for a quarter of a century, led her to be the first Mexican to star in a Broadway musical: “Chicago”. On October 27, the actress will turn two decades in this montage, but all this time has made her change … Read more

United States: New York Medical Network fires 1,400 employees for refusing to receive vaccine

Northwell Health, the largest private healthcare provider in New York State, laid off 1,400 of its workers for refusing to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, a company spokesperson confirmed. The measure taken by the company comes after a mandate in the state of New York that forces the 650,000 health workers in the region to be … Read more

The Sussexes used Taylor Swift’s security during their stay in New York

The taylor safety gear includes a former NY Police Department officer, to others city ​​officials and even worker of the United States Department of Homeland Security. According to Matt Fiddes, a former personal bodyguard of Michael Jackson, Meghan and Harry’s safety in New York was equal to the “presidential protection of the government”. Fiddes also … Read more

Biles admitted that she should have ended long ago. She has not come to terms with sexual abuse

Simone Biles, the most successful gymnast in history, admitted after mental problems at the Olympic Games that she should have finished the sport long before them. The scandal of former girls ‘doctor Larry Nassar with the sexual abuse of girls affected Simone Biles’ mental health so much that she gave up most of her competitions … Read more

Deadline passed: New York hospitals suspend non-c…

New York hospitals have begun suspending and even firing employees who have not yet received the first shot against Covid-19. The health staff had been given until September 27 to do so by the state. Due to staff shortages, certain interventions will have to be postponed. The New York State Department of Health ordered all … Read more

Classix Festival: Jazz pianist Brad Mehldau plays in Kempten: A master of improvisation

Plus The musical cosmos of jazz pianist Brad Mehldau is limitless. At the Classix Festival in Kempten, he underlines why he is one of the greatest. from Michael Dumler This concert is like a stroll on the beach in April and the music is like the sea – gently undulating, refreshing, quick-tempered, thundering. Brad Mehldau … Read more

Investigation into the origin of coronavirus revealed unsightly circumstances

The chairman of the COVID-19 Origins Task Force, affiliated with the scientific journals Lancet, dismissed the commission due to its ties to controversial researcher Peter Dashak and his EcoHealth alliance, writes the Daily Mail. Columbia University professor Jeffrey Sachs told the Wall Street Journal on Saturday that he is concerned about ties to Dashak, who … Read more