“The Army of the Dead”: Netflix will unlock the first 15 minutes of the film on its YouTube channel Celebs Army of the Dead NNDC | FAME

On Thursday, May 13, Netflix will have a live global event only on its YouTube channel and fans will be able to connect live to be part of this interactive experience in which the first 15 minutes of the long-awaited Zack Snyder film will be unlocked, “The army of the dead “. With guest appearances … Read more

The girl with the hunting rifle

Dhe city center of Mannheim. A right-wing party holds a rally. The focus is on a woman with a thermal jacket and megaphone, guarded by stewards in black clothing. Left-wing activists are protesting against the event, colored eggs and cakes fly onto the stage, and scuffles break out. Luisa is right in the middle. She … Read more

Blake Lively and Diablo Cody to adapt ‘Lady Killer’ comic for Netflix

Netflix has made it clear that he does not intend to skimp on stars for his films and series. The last to join a project of the streaming giant have been the actress Blake Lively, that returns to the screen a year after The rhythm of revenge and the scriptwriter Diablo Cody, currently in charge … Read more

Vikings: each of Bjorn Ironside’s loves | Vikings | Netflix series | FAME

Bjorn Ironside He was a cunning, intelligent and determined Viking, who earned his nickname for emerging from battles almost unscathed, showing no scratches or wounds. “Vikings” it also shows him as a man much more successful with women than most. And it is that the first-born of Ragnar managed to marry more than five women … Read more

I am Betty, the ugly: royalties, the payment that actors never received 20 years after enjoying the success | Netflix soap operas | CELEBRITIES

The success that “I am Betty the Ugly one” obtained in Colombia and internationally it is huge: it was broadcast in 180 countries, it was adapted more than 30 times and it won the Guinness Records 2010 as the most successful Colombian telenovela of all time. Despite all the achievements obtained in these 20 years, … Read more

3 series to watch on Netflix if you liked “The innocent” – Come and see

The innocent, the series starring Mario Casas is having a lot of success on Netflix and it is possible that, at this point, those who opted for the Spanish production have reached the last episode and are beginning to look for another fiction that keeps them trapped by dint of well-administered doses suspense and action. … Read more

Pasión de gavilanes: all the actresses who played Norma Elizondo in these almost 20 years | Netflix soap operas | FAME

Danna Garcia was the actress who is internationally known as Norma Elizondo, one of the protagonists of “Pasión de gavilanes”, a successful Colombian telenovela that premiered in 2003 and is still in force today thanks to its arrival on Netflix. The truth is that the 43-year-old actress has not been the only one to embody … Read more

The Last Kingdom says goodbye with its fifth season on Netflix

Millennium Digital Mexico / 01.05.2021 16:15:08 The Last Kingdom, the television series produced by Carnival Films and Netflix, will come to an end after a final fifth season, ending a historical drama that was originally born on the BBC six years ago, a beloved adaptation of Bernard Cornwell’s best-selling novels, The Saxon Stories. According to … Read more