Starring Masayuki Sakamoto! The drama “Pet Doctor Hanasaki Mantaro no Jiken Carte” DVD will be released on November 2nd –TOWER RECORDS ONLINE

Mystery starring Masayuki Sakamoto!Mantaro Hanasaki, a veterinarian who loves animals at his own pace and is unique, leads the case to a solution! ★ Mystery starring Masayuki Sakamoto!Mantaro Hanasaki, a veterinarian who loves animals at his own pace and is unique, leads the case to a solution! ★ Akiko Yada, Yuma Nakayama, Bokuzo Masana, Naoto … Read more

Red Weekend: ARTE Concert broadcasts concerts today and throughout the weekend …

30.06.2022 – 16:56 GEIE ART Strasbourg (ots) The legendary “splash! Festival” is back in Ferropolis, the “City of Iron” in Gräfenhainichen in Saxony-Anhalt. After two years of dry spells, Germany’s biggest hip-hop festival is returning this year: the “Red Edition” will take place from June 30th to July 2nd. ARTE Concert should not be missing … Read more

The program “Capitals of Sunsets” for July 2-3 in Nizhny Novgorod has become known

The festival “Capital of Sunsets” (16+) continues in Nizhny Novgorod. There will be many events in the city this coming weekend. This was reported by the press service of the governor and the government of the region. Concerts will take place at several venues. In particular, on July 2, the indie rock band from Moscow … Read more

“No more baby girls” said Anuel after getting confused again in concert | Rumba 106.9

It seems that Anuel cannot say the word in his concerts ‘bebecita‘, without affecting you or that, indisputably, it is associated with the fact that he continues to think of Karol G. Recently a video has gone viral on social networks, where Anuel is seen at a concert, and gets confused again with the word … Read more

To offset the carbon footprint of his concert in Chambord, Sting opts for solar panels

Par Bleuenn Robert Published 3 hours ago, Update 1 hour ago The group Roy Énergie, expert in photovoltaics, took advantage of the concert of the British star to make a demonstration of foldable solar panels. “With our photovoltaic panels, we can produce at least as much electricity as the concert will consume”explains Romain Roy, founding president … Read more

Rolling Stones in Berlin 2022: Buy tickets – How to increase your chances

forest stage Rolling Stones in Berlin: Tricks for ticket sales Updated: 06/28/2022, 16:00 | Reading time: 5 minutes Singer Mick Jagger from the British band ‘The Rolling Stones’ is on stage at Munich’s Olympic Stadium during a concert as part of their ‘Sixty’ European tour. Photo: Sven Hoppe / dpa Ronnie Wood (from left), Mick … Read more

How Heinrich Schütz brought the “Sun of Italy” to us

At the age of 24, Heinrich Schütz traveled to Italy for the first time, more precisely to Venice. He comes from the tranquil town of Köstritz and has a culture shock at the end of his journey. At least Friederike Böcher, head of the Bad Köstritzer Schütz-Haus, imagines it as a “firework of impressions”: “In … Read more

The Kino group will give a big concert on the 60th anniversary of Viktor Tsoi – The City, 06/27/2022

On July 2, in Moscow at the CSKA Arena, the Kino group will perform a big concert in honor of the 60th anniversary of Viktor Tsoi. The concert starts at 19:00. Bassists Alexander Titov and Igor Tikhomirov and guitarist Yuri Kasparyan will appear on the stage. Also, viewers will be able to hear Tsoi’s voice, … Read more

Klassik am Dom 2022 Linz – guests, concerts, dates in July 2022

Klassik am Dom 2022 in Linz on Domplatz Linz has illustrious guests in July 2022 – and there are still tickets for the concerts. Klassik am Dom 2022 Linz – Guests, concerts, dates in July 2022 – Photo: Matthias Mitterlehner on Unsplash Classic at the cathedral in Linz can hopefully take place as planned in … Read more

Concert: Big band melodies delight listeners |

Basically, three orchestras were in action at the Haff Big Band concert. Because in addition to the big band, the girls and boys of the Ferdinandshof wind class also played. The brass band of the district music school also gave their musical calling card on the stage of the Ferdinandshofer Gutshof site. Also read: Participation … Read more