Munich: protests against Rammstein continue – Munich

It begins with a warning: the second of four Rammstein-Concerts in Munich is not only overshadowed by the numerous allegations against singer Till Lindemann for alleged sexual assaults on female fans – but also by gloomy storm clouds that roll towards the Olympic Stadium on Thursday evening. At around 8:30 p.m., a voice announced over … Read more

Rammstein concert in Munich | Sexist sayings in front of the hall

On Wednesday evening there are apparently still a number of tickets officially and at original prices. This evening’s Rammstein concert could possibly be the first in a long time that isn’t sold out. More and more fans arrive at the site. Long queues form in front of the entrances. (Source: Alexander Spori) Singer Lindemann: “Now … Read more

Rammstein in Munich: The logistics behind the concerts in the Olympic Stadium – Munich

The articulated lorries have been driving in and out of the Olympic Stadium since last Thursday, again and again and always new ones. Their freight is unloaded with forklifts – the accessories for the four performances of the band Rammstein this week, on Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. Even before the musicians gave two concerts … Read more

So many Germans want a ban

In the evening it starts in the Olympiastadtion on the Rammstein stage. A survey shows what Germans think about it. A majority of Germans would like the controversial Munich Rammstein concerts, which begin this Wednesday in the Olympic Stadium, to be canceled. In a survey by the opinion research institute Insa for the “Bild” newspaper, … Read more

Rammstein and the allegations: Till Lindemann deletes Instagram account

As the Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger reports, Till Lindemann has since deleted his Instagram profile. He had more than a million followers there. Women should be better protected at concerts The allegations against Rammstein and Till Lindemann have now also reached a political level: Federal Family Minister Lisa Paus proposes protective areas for women at concerts and … Read more

Music – Munich – No “zero row” at Rammstein concerts in Munich – Bavaria

Munich (dpa) – At the Rammstein concerts in Munich, no fans are allowed in front of the barrier on the stage – the so-called Row Zero (Row Zero). A spokesman for the district administration department in Munich announced on Tuesday that the event notification for the concerts would prohibit staying in a so-called Row Zero. … Read more

Rammstein concerts: Germans call for cancellation after allegations against Till Lindemann Entertainment

The allegations against Till Lindemann (60), which have been made public for two weeks, weigh heavily. It’s about alleged mistreatment of female fans at concerts. Illegal drugs are also believed to have been involved. The band denies the allegations. Rammstein will be performing four nights in Munich’s Olympic Stadium in June. This is followed by … Read more

What are the effects of allegations against Lindemann?

The woman later clarified on Twitter that there had been no sexual contact with Lindemann. There she wrote, among other things: “Till did NOT touch me.” According to a joint report by NDR and “Süddeutsche Zeitung”, other women reported afterwards. The accusations say, among other things: Female fans are said to have been “targetedly attracted” … Read more

Rammstein concert in Munich | No “Row Zero” and no aftershow party

Serious allegations are circulating against Till Lindemann and Rammstein. The organizer of the concert in Munich is now taking special steps. There should no longer be a “Row Zero” at the Rammstein concerts in Munich. The band’s backstage celebration should also not take place in the Bavarian capital. “There will be no ‘Row Zero’ and … Read more

Rammstein in Munich: The organizer gives in and prohibits Row Zero

München – In a few days, Rammstein will play four concerts in Munich’s Olympic Stadium. So the band that is currently being criticized internationally for alleged attacks on young, female fans before and after their concerts. More and more women are describing to various media a suspected system of helpers who specifically seek out young … Read more