Do you already know the “cotton” dog? – Pets

A perfect dog for beginners may look elaborate but is totally low-maintenance: the “Coton de Tuléar,” or cotton dog. The “Coton de Tulèar”, or cotton dog, belongs to the group of the so-called “Bichons” – small, cuddly dog ​​breeds from the Mediterranean region. They also include the Maltese, the Havanese, the Bolognese and the Bichon … Read more

Bobi is the oldest dog that ever lived – world

Bobi was born in Portugal in 1992. Thus, he is not only the oldest living dog, but also beats a record that is almost a hundred years old. Two weeks after Guinness World Records declared the 23-year-old Chihuahua the oldest living dog, they received evidence of an older dog. At almost 31 years old, Bobi … Read more

Man beats Bactrian camels – then the animal kicks – wild animals

Camels are usually stubborn but good-natured, otherwise they wouldn’t have been by our side for so long. You shouldn’t fool them anyway. In the middle of Siberia there was a tragic incident between a man and a camel last weekend. The Bactrian came uninvited to a secluded hunting station, whereupon a security guard – probably … Read more

KISS break up – their last concert is set – music

The US rock band has already announced their stage farewell countless times and postponed them just as often. Now the last Kiss concert should be fixed. Their “End Of The Road” tour was supposed to end on June 17, 2021 with a final concert in their hometown of New York City, but Corona thwarted the … Read more

Sakhalinenergo offered island schoolchildren targeted education at universities

According to the press service of Sakhalinenergo, newly minted students will study at one of three educational institutions – Sakhalin State University, Far Eastern State University of Communications and Far Eastern Federal University, in the areas of “Power and Electrical Engineering”, “Engineering of Thermal Power Plants”, and also “Engineering of electric power systems”. To enroll … Read more

The SGAE Foundation and Efe create the Carlos del Amo Scholarship for cultural journalism

The Efe Agency and the SGAE Foundation launched the first edition of the Carlos del Amo Scholarship to train university students in cultural journalism. The “SGAE-Efe-Carlos del Amo Foundation” scholarship will select a university student for training for a period of nine months in the Culture and Trends newsroom at Efe’s headquarters in Madrid, according … Read more

Sakhalin residents picked up a dog with a broken spine near the village of Troitskoye

Caring Sakhalin residents picked up a dog with a broken spine on the road behind Troitsky, according to the Good Heart Telegram channel. The dog lay in an unnatural position and was already freezing when they found him. The dog is wearing a collar, so it’s most likely a pet and was on its own … Read more

Use: dog steps on gun, fires and kills owner – World

A dog stepped on a shotgun that was in his owner’s car and killed him. The accident happened over the weekend in Kansas. The American media report it citing the police. The 30-year-old man, sitting in the passenger seat, was shot in the back. He was hunting with his dog and had left the weapon … Read more

They supply more than five thousand families in Apure with animal protein

The Ministry of Popular Power for Food (Minppal), through a day of the Sovereign Field Fair, delivered animal protein to 5,615 families belonging to the El Recreo parish, in the San Fernando de Apure municipality, to strengthen food security from the country. According to a Minppal press release, 15 tons of chicken were distributed in … Read more

ChainCatcher on Binance Feed: Binance Charity to Offer Over 30,000 Web3 Scholarships in 2023

ChainCatcher news, Binance Charity, Binance Charity, announced that it will provide 30,665 scholarships for students who are keen to start a career in the Web3 field through the Binance Charity Scholars Program (BCSP) in 2023. The program has so far received more than 82,000 applications. Since its launch in June 2022, Binance Charity has funded … Read more