“The only one who treats me well and is faithful”

Susy Díaz married the dog “Chiki” on February 14, Valentine’s Day. It is popularly said that the greatest and purest love that one has will always pass on to their pet. But the Peruvian exvedette Susy Diaz He broke all the schemes and made a decision that brought a lot of controversy. The woman decided … Read more

Education: one of its main commitments – More Content

Improving the quality and relevance of education is one of the most strategic frontsof the country in 2023, an issue that the Compensation Funds are no stranger to, which mainly focus on guaranteeing access to the system through a wide academic offer. According to data from Asocajas, this type of entity currently has 5,657 schools, … Read more

The concerts of the SMR planned in San Miguel are transferred to the Auditorium and Espacio Torner

The Cuenca Religious Music Week (SMR) has announced that the concerts scheduled for its 60th edition at the Church of San Miguel will be moved for logistical reasons to the Auditorium Theater and the Espacio Torner. Eduardo Fernández’s performance (April 2, 20:00) will take place at the Teatro Auditorio. Subsequently, ‘Armonía Concertada’ (day 3, 8:00 … Read more

The benefits of daily walking with your dog for your health and that of your dog

Walking daily helps reduce stress, anxiety, and sadness, which dogs can also experience. One, two or three times a day. take out walking the dog It is an obligation related to their physiological needs, which every master knows and must respect. However, these walks they must last more than five minutes and, if possible, include … Read more

The keys to understanding the latest advances in pig production

These are some of the aspects focused on satisfying the increasingly demanding consumer in safe, high-quality food. The introduction of the hyper prolific females was the genetic advance with which, in 5 to 10 years, 10 to 18 total piglets were produced per year – mother, and to this was added the great growth in … Read more

2023: The “Animal Welfare Law” prohibits having these animals at home

With the arrival of the new year, the “Animal Welfare Law” came into force, expanding the list of animals that are prohibited from having in our homes. In this way, many animals that have lived with us up to now and that we have all had as pets in our childhood, could be completely banned … Read more

Omega is the preferred dog name in Ceuta in 2022

Rover.com, the world’s largest online marketplace for pet care, as is tradition, reveals the most popular dog names of the year. By using data on millions of pet names submitted by users and owners, the report reveals that in Ceuta, they are betting on international names for our four-legged friends. As a result, in 2022 … Read more

Concerts 2023: this will cost you to attend the most important events – Music and Books – Culture

After a year of reactivation for the musical stages in Colombia after the pandemic, everything seems to indicate that 2023 will also be a year of great concerts. (Also read: Grammy 2022: meet the nominated Colombian artists). For the first quarter of the year, a wide variety of artists of national and international stature will … Read more

The challenges of virtual education | Opinion

One of the most widespread phenomena during the covid-19 pandemic, both in Colombia and in the rest of the world, was the deployment of remote training. In the face of widespread quarantines and the closure of educational institutions, from kindergartens to graduate schools, millions of Colombians of all ages advanced their education, took training courses … Read more

Bogotá: points to vaccinate your dog against rabies – Bogotá

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