The quality of virtual education goes to the board

Until now the impact of the pandemic had eloquently manifested itself on health, the economy, entertainment and socialization of people, but very little has been said about the damage it caused on the quality of education provided in schools and the universities. It is not scientifically proven by the academy or scientists, but it is … Read more

“Incidence of educational credit in the development of the regions”

Date: September 29, 2021 Place: LR digital platform Higher education is a fundamental pillar in which the Government has made every effort to make Colombia a prosperous and equitable nation in order to make it the most educated country in Latin America by 2025, seeking to achieve the objectives where access A higher education is … Read more

Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan warn of Evergrande debt contagion risks

The Evergrande Group debt crisis could pose a contagion risk for the Chinese real estate sector as a whole, Goldman Sachs said in a note published Wednesday. The property developer, who has a liability of nearly two trillion yuan (US $ 305 billion), is trying to raise funds to pay lenders and suppliers, while he … Read more

The concerts with which the tenth edition of the music industry event closes this

The Bogotá Music Market (BOmm) is an event organized by the Bogotá Chamber of Commerce to strengthen the music industry, and this year it already reached its tenth version with 34 face-to-face events held at the Planetarium of Bogotá, the Jorge Eliécer Theater. Gaitán and at Teatro El Parque.

This Tuesday began the meeting with its essential elements, live presentations or showcases, business conferences, inspiring talks, the workshops or BOmm Labs and the talks or BOmm Talks.

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Wellness, the real estate model that focuses on the well-being of its inhabitants

Taking health and well-being as a priority, a real estate trend that responds to these needs has been strengthened, it is wellness: a type of houses with architectural designs that seek to be healthy, with large natural light inputs, water filtration systems , that the materials used in the implementation are not toxic, that they have spaces for gyms and that they can be in contact with nature.

According to a study by the Global Wellness Institute (GWI), before the pandemic, the constructions of this model raised about US $ 119,000 million worldwide, now with the effect that the health emergency has had on people’s ideals, the wellness houses they can become more relevant.

In Colombia it is already possible to live in one of these wellness-type houses, there are the Kuna and Nuvica projects of the companies Conexo Inmobiliario and Bienes & Bienes; These will be developed in Rionegro, Antioquia. in a space of 60,000 m2, where they will build what is intended to be a “self-sustainable micro-city” in which there will be houses, apartments, a shopping plaza and 34,000 m2 of green areas such as parks, trails, a stream and native forests, considering that a premise of wellness is sustainability.

For the founder and manager of Conexo Inmobiliario, Andrés Arias, this architectural model “must incorporate five variables, which must start from the spaces that are intended from physical well-being, then they must follow the emotional, spiritual, environmental and even social. They should not be thought of as simple places to live, but should be projected from the idea that people spend a greater amount of time in our homes ”.

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Avianca warns that shares could fall to zero if Chapter 11 agreement is approved

Daniela Morales Soler – [email protected] Avianca Holdings informed that in the context of the Chapter 11 process, it will file an application with the Bankruptcy Court of New York for approval of the initial terms under the Capital Contribution and Conversion Agreement (Ecca). This request will be made as a Debtor in Possession (DIP). For … Read more

True education

In a world where technical and specialized knowledge is increasingly protagonist, there is a risk of assuming that education is equivalent to instruction. Although it is true that without technological development it would not have been possible to lift as many people out of poverty as up to now, nor to consolidate the largest companies … Read more

Innovation in higher education

In many parts of the world, the impacts of the crisis caused by the pandemic are still being experienced. Blockades and confinements become the way in which this complicated and delicate situation is once again faced, bringing consequences in limitations of all kinds, especially for educational activity. In this context, reimagining, in the perspective of … Read more

Education, a pending task

It is undeniable that the environment has a direct impact on our organizations. Likewise, what happens in our companies affects in some way the development of society. Thus, the responsibility of businessmen and managers is significant; it goes beyond generating satisfactory growth and profitability rates and it is naive to believe that politics, health and, … Read more

Sitidoctor will launch a new health and wellness marketplace with more than eight categories

Sofía Solórzano C – [email protected] Sitidoctor announced the launch of a version 2.0 in which the platform will be a Marketplace for the health sector, with which to seek to offer from services such as health care, to products such as medical equipment, health policies, care and beauty products. The new bet of the platform … Read more