“Heydar Aliyev Scholarship” will be established

©APA | Heydar Aliyev “Heydar Aliyev Scholarship” will be established. According to APA, this was reflected in the Action Plan for declaring 2023 the Year of Heydar Aliyev in the Republic of Azerbaijan, approved by today’s order of President Ilham Aliyev. The Presidential Administration, the Ministry of Science and Education and the Ministry of Finance … Read more

New rules for dog walking approved for residents of Orenburg

About fines for non-compliance – while silence. Today, a new legislative initiative “On the treatment of animals in the Orenburg region” was finally adopted at the regional level. According to the new law, the following rules are now established for pet owners in the Orenburg region: It is possible to keep a pet only on … Read more

A man in Petropavlovsk hit a neighbor’s dog with an iron gate ─ NewTimes.kz

A video has appeared on the Web of a man brutally treating a neighbor’s dog during a conflict, NewTimes.kz reports. Video frame “The video clearly shows how a “good soul” man and a part-time neighbor thrashed (the most decent word) a dog that barked from the yard and was on a chain. Somehow he decided … Read more

Dog victim of flayers undergoing treatment

The other day, information was circulated that unknown persons had beaten a pregnant dog and gouged out her eyes. The Public Association for the Protection of Animals of Azerbaijan continues the examination and treatment of the injured animal. Bizim.Media was told about this by the chairman of the Public Association Farud Mansurov. According to him, … Read more

In Orsk, the National Guard saved the life of a dog that fell under the wheels of a car

She bit one of them, but everything ended well. In Orsk, private security officers who were on the patrol route noticed that a dog was lying on the side of the road along Energetikov Street and unsuccessfully trying to stand on injured limbs. The National Guard approached the animal and provided first aid. In the … Read more

“Kazakhstan is turning into a gateway for Russian stars” – journalist

Kazakhstanis have become ambivalent about Russian artists who come to the country with performances. The concerts of Philip Kirkorov were not without noise, where he hit a person near the stage with a bouquet of flowers. At the same time, the arrival of the scandalous rap singer Instasamka, whose concert was to be held in … Read more

A volunteer from Atyrau brings crippled dogs back to life ─ NewTimes.kz

In recent years, cases of cruelty to animals have become more frequent in Kazakhstan. The public does not attach much importance to the protection of pets. Basically, volunteers take on all the work, and they are raising funds to save them. One of these is the Atyrau cynologist Mamuchar Dzhabasov. He told a NewTimes.kz journalist … Read more

“Unterwasser”: Modern jazz in the Fischhalle – better-im-blick

Harburg. At around 11 a.m. on Wednesday morning, a man was knocked down on the edge of the weekly market on the sand in Harburg. Continue reading Harburg. Modern jazz is coming to the Harburg inland port: There is an extraordinary concert this Wednesday… Continue reading Hollenstedt/Moisburg. Special honor for Wolfgang Diekmann from FC Este … Read more

Families of the mobilized will be able to attend concerts for free

They can get tickets at Kurgan Center for Social Assistance to Families and Children Families of the mobilized have free access to cultural institutions This was during a live broadcast in the official group of the government of the Kurgan region in the social network “VKontakte” Head of the Department of Culture Natalya Goncharenko. The … Read more

Service dog helped detect drugs from a foreigner at the border in the Turkestan region

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