Artvin Yusufeli HEPP project has come to an end

class=”cf”> In ARTVİN, 4 viaducts will be installed on the changing road routes with the new settlement of the district, which will be flooded after the Yusufeli Dam, which is under construction on the Çoruh River, is finished. Tekkale viaduct having a height of 150 meters, 166 meters in height between Konya Antalya Viaduct EGIS … Read more

They spread sexual assault; they lift their skirts and grope the woman

MEXICO CITY. A video was disseminated on social networks to denounce the sexual harassment suffered by a woman in the streets of the Portales neighborhood, Benito Juárez mayor’s office. The events occurred this Thursday at 9:19 a.m., on Balboa Street. It may interest you: Girls are looking for their kitten; They give cheetos, soda and … Read more

elPeriódico de Guatemala

elPeriódico de Guatemala Subscribe – elPeriodico de Guatemala [theme-my-login default_action=”register” show_links=”0″] Lost your password? Enter your email. You will receive an email to create a new password. [theme-my-login default_action=”lostpassword” show_links=”0″] To return Shut down Already a subscriber? Enter here Give a subscription To select Current subscription IT INCLUDES: 15 monthly articles in our digital edition. … Read more

Bolero, flanker and janitor arrested for sexual harassment of actress

Photo taken from Instagram Samadhi Zendejas MEXICO CITY A bolero, a flannel and a janitor were pointed out by actress Samadhi Zendejas for sexually harassing her while she was walking through the streets of Polanco. The actress pointed out that they made comments of “sexual and obscene connotations”, for which they ended up being arrested … Read more

‘I have turned down some opportunities to direct in the last two months’

At the beginning of 2021 Frank Lampard he stopped being a technician of the Chelsea, a position he held since June 2019 and which was replaced by Thomas Tuchel. And just over two months after leaving his post with the Blues, Lampard He assured that he already had proposals to direct, but that they have … Read more

Coronavirus alarm on the bus … Passengers reacted

class=”cf”> Mustafa K., who works as a worker in a factory in Polatlı district of Ankara, allegedly had the ‘Covid-19’ test at around 18:00 yesterday. Mustafa K. then set out by bus to go to his hometown Osmaniye at around 22:00. Upon Mustafa K.’s test was positive, the filming teams contacted the phone and reported … Read more

The pianist Juan Pablo Gavilanes offers a concert this Sunday at the Sala Eutherpe in León

Juan Pablo Gavilanes is a pianist. | 11/04/2021 – 10:30h. The Ecuadorian pianist Juan Pablo Gavilanes offers a concert this Sunday at the Sala Eutherpe in León. The performance will begin at 7:30 p.m. to adjust to the curfew. The repertoire is composed of works by the composers Mendelssohn, Scriabin and Chopin. Gavilanes is … Read more

Morena proposes to guarantee animal rights in the Magna Carta

MEXICO CITY. Morena’s parliamentary group presented a series of initiatives in the Chamber of Deputies, emphasizing respect for animals and proposing to guarantee their rights, in addition to the creation of veterinary hospitals. Via Lorenia Iveth Valles Sampedro, the deputy for District 3 of Hermosillo, Sonora, intends to reform, among others, Article Four of the … Read more

Famous gamer and EA Sports advisor, those disguised as grandparents

MEXICO CITY Christian Alberto Nieva Gómez, FIFA campaign manager at Electronics Arts (EA) Games, and Rubén Morales Zerecero, an eSports player, managed to get the covid-19 vaccine, for which they were linked to the process for their probable participation in the crimes of usurpation of identity and falsification or alteration and improper use of documents. … Read more

President Erdoğan: We will offer our local vaccine to the benefit of all humanity

President Erdoğan attended the 10th Summit Meeting of the Developing Eight Countries (D-8) Organization with a live link from the Presidential Complex. Erdogan stated that he commemorates the 23rd Prime Minister Necmettin Erbakan, who pioneered the establishment of D-8. This summit is the time close to Turkey with 4 years reminiscent handed over the rotating … Read more