Resumption of face-to-face lessons on November 30

The rectorate of the Academy of Guadeloupe has informed the parents of students that schools will be able to welcome students again from Tuesday due to the restoration of traffic in the Archipelago. This is news that the parents of the archipelago were impatiently awaiting. Indeed, since November 19, with the exception of Marie-Galante, Saintes, … Read more

In Peru, to finance health and education, the presidential plane is put on sale

Pedro Castillo, Peruvian head of state, has made a big decision to fund the health and education sectors. To overcome the coronavirus pandemic, the President of the Republic of Peru has announced the sale of the presidential plane, a Boeing 737-528 with a capacity of 70 passengers. President Pedro Castillo also announced as other austerity … Read more

students open the Montier Festival

Category: Environmental education: students open the Montier Festival Each year, Montier devotes a large part of its program to environmental education. This Thursday, many children were walking the alleys of the Festival and participating in workshops. Every year, the first two days of the Festival give a large place to schoolchildren. They are approximately 3,750 … Read more

Horrific discoveries follow one after another for PA volunteers

A hope of rescue then the cold shower. A charitable soul had only its eyes to cry on last Friday, when it discovered a dog she had taken care of despite herself. Sensitive to the cause of animals without an owner who have nothing to eat or drink, she regularly went to give this dog … Read more

After his dog was attacked by his neighbors’ Malinois, he sounded the alarm

And this Monday, a new element came to reinforce the fears.“We found them in our yard. Fortunately without consequences”, specifies the Dionysian, who had already, three years ago, had to rescue one of the Malinois who fell into his swimming pool, out of breath. “The municipal police could not come immediately, but they came later … Read more

Ice cream maker Adelis victim of fire

Three teams of firefighters, accompanied by a command vehicle, took turns on the site of the ice cream maker Adelis, located rue Lislet Geoffroy in the industrial area of ​​Chaudron. The fire started with a pallet fire, which then spread to a heavy vehicle, then to the premises. According to our information, 80 m2 of … Read more

Agricultural occupational diseases: prostate cancer soon to be recognized – All Martinique news on the Internet

As expected, prostate cancer should soon be included in the table of occupational diseases. A first recognition for agricultural workers, which meets a promise from Emmanuel Macron, in September 2018. Questioned this afternoon (October 20) by the ecologist senator of Morbihan, Joël Labbé, during the questioning session to the government, the Minister of Agriculture and … Read more

Africa. Debt: here are the 10 least and most indebted countries

#Morocco : The effects of the Covid-19 crisis have weighed heavily on the public debts of African countries. The debt ratios of several countries have exploded above the 100% threshold, according to IMF data. A situation which is starting to become difficult to sustain for some of them. The Covid-19 pandemic has negatively impacted African … Read more

Massacre of October 17, 1961: police officers and gendarmes “of atrocious brutality”

#Algeria : “Policemen and gendarmes were atrociously brutal. They had the rage to hurt”, tells AFP Rabah Sahili, whose voice breaks at the memory of the evening of October 17, 1961 when dozens of Algerians were massacred in the middle of Paris. 60 years ago, they were more than 30,000 Algerians to demonstrate peacefully at … Read more

Win your book “tell me about 33 concerts”

End your day with Will on Virage Radio. Play between 4 and 8 p.m. to win the new book of Loïc Stephan “Tell me about 33 concerts” This book takes us on a unique musical journey. You will vibrate by reading these stories full of life of a passionate author. Meeting with Will 4 pm-8pm … Read more