Mental health activities and programs to break social isolation at Abu Dhabi University

Abu Dhabi University has launched a variety of activities and programs through the Student Affairs Department to help return to university life and integrate new students. The hybrid education system is not limited to attending lectures, but includes various activities so that students are part of this experience that helps to refine their administrative and … Read more

Italy’s strange quarantine standards… Japan is exempt, Korea is quarantined

Italians take off their masks and have a conversation in front of the Trevi Fountain in Rome on the 28th of last month. Rome = Associated Press Although the Italian health authorities included Japan as a country exempt from quarantine for the novel coronavirus infection (COVID-19), South Korea, which has fewer confirmed cases, is excluded, … Read more

Self-Isolation Guide for Children

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – There are a number of conditions that parents must pay attention to self isolation child. The Indonesian Pediatrician Association (IDAI) has published guidelines for self-isolation for children and families who have tested positive for COVID-19. <!– ADVERTISEMENT –!> Pertama, anak yang positif COVID-19 tidak bergejala (asimptomatik) atau bergejala ringan seperti batuk, pilek, … Read more

Malayalam News – Isolation before the Kovid epidemic; A young man who has been living alone for more than ten years Japanese Man who Self-Isolated More Than a Decade Even Before Covid-19 | News18 Kerala, Buzz Latest Malayalam News

Credits: YouTube/ Nito Souji It was with the advent of the Kovid epidemic that socialized human beings shifted to a culture of isolation. But even before Kovid in Japan, there was a way to isolate oneself in this way. A person who is home alone or under house arrest is called a ‘hikikomori’ in Japan. … Read more

Covid: cluster in the Balearics, the positives are more than 1,100 – Europe

There are 1,167 coronavirus infections linked to maxi clusters registered in Spain among students on an end-of-school trip to Mallorca and Menorca (Balearic Islands). This was stated at a press conference by Fernando Simón, head of the Spanish government’s covid emergency response team. In addition, there are 4,796 people in quarantine. “These are important figures”, … Read more

President Zeman’s controlled isolation as a case for a social worker? Elder abuse is a serious act

/ COMMENT / We all – with permission – noticed that the President was not dizzying in any way. Denial at first glance of clear clues by celebratory reports of medical consultations, which only allow for difficulty walking, are funny for the average citizen. They cause more embarrassment and speculation in public than if the … Read more

Covid / Canada: Lifting of hotel quarantine for vaccinated Canadian travelers

Fully vaccinated Canadians returning home by plane will no longer have to undergo a mandatory three-day quarantine in hotels at their own expense, while awaiting the results of their screening test, the Canadian government said on Wednesday. This relaxation of the quarantine rules, the first step in a gradual reopening of the borders, will come … Read more

Ice Hockey World Cup 2021 | Captain Jan Kovář reads detective stories in quarantine and says before the World Cup: I have no plans to speak

Czech forward Jan Kovář in Saturday’s match of the Czech Hockey Games against Russia. Vlastimil Vacek, Right How do you tolerate the “bubble” in which you got stuck upon arrival? We haven’t seen practically anything in Riga yet. Room, a lot of big food and nothing more … We’re really looking forward to going back … Read more

Play right again! How Paul and his sister Karla experience the pandemic

Football without fun Paul hooks: “Yes, it is something like that with us too.” Paul’s primary school is small and familiar, with only 64 children registered there. “Because of Corona, there are now only 32 children from the second and third grades,” says Paul. “But football is not really fun without fourth grade.” Split feelings … Read more