On November 21, 2017, the smartphone game “Animal Crossing Pocket Camp” was released: What day is it today? –Engadget Japanese version

The “Animal Crossing” series is a game where you can interact with animals and enjoy your life. The first title in this series for smartphones, “Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp,” began distribution today in 2017. Known as Pokemori. The elements of fishing, collecting insects, furniture and clothes are the same, but in Pokemori you are not … Read more

Spotify launches educational program “EDUCAST Enthusiastic University” on video podcast –Engadget Japanese version

Spotify On November 15th, Spotify will learn the technology, know-how, unique life philosophy, etc. from Gen Z creators and influencers who are active on the front lines as professionals on the road, a lecture-style original educational podcast program “EDUCAST Atsushi University Is now available. The program is said to have been created in collaboration with … Read more

Create an animal paradise! Abandoned simulation “Animal Craft 3D”: Excavation!Smartphone game-Engadget Japanese version

From among the many star-studded smartphone games, we will introduce the ones that have become a hot topic, the ones that interest you, and the titles that look interesting! Introducing this time is “Animal Craft 3D”. Excavation!Masterpiece game serialization list “Animal Craft 3D” is an abandoned simulation game being distributed by Super Awesome. Create a … Read more

How to locate out the IP tackle of your laptop (and cellular cell phone)

Up-to-date Friday, Oct 22, 2021 – 22:53 No matter if it’s an Android telephone or an Iphone, a Home windows laptop or computer or a Mac, all computer systems have their possess IP deal with. We make clear how to know the DNI of the products The IP deal with (World-wide-web Protocol) is anything like … Read more