How to convert a ‘live photo’ of your iPhone into a video to send it by WhatsApp | Lifestyle

It was in 2015, with the launch of the iPhone 6s, when Apple came up with the idea of ​​introducing a thing called live photos to their smartphones. It was a content that took the appearance of a photograph but, when making touch force on the mobile screen, it was transformed into a small video … Read more

I tried to make bread and sweets using Healsio hot cook and cotta –Engadget Japanese version

Working from home, I have been living at home for over a year. There may be some people who are in a similar situation to the author. For me, work is more efficient at home, but the problem is how to enjoy my private time. I’ve tried games, running, language learning, Beyblade, musical instruments, rabbits, … Read more

How to configure your iPhone to play music without loss (or with Dolby Atmos quality) | Lifestyle

Behind the keynote On the 7th, Apple announced that lossless or Dolby Atmos quality music was now be available to almost all users, for the same price they already pay for their services in streaming monthly and that, in the Apple One mode, has become a real bargain (along with games, Apple TV + and … Read more

Apple pays a millionaire figure to a young woman in California after technical service leaked her photos | Technology

Apple had to pay a millionaire figure to a woman in California, after a technical service authorized by the company filter intimate images of the affected. According to international media such as The Telegraph, it all began in 2016, when the 21-year-old took her iPhone to get it fixed. Days later, her friends warned her … Read more

Apple announces new software for iPhones and Macs for plus in security

June 8, 2021 at 6:18 pm New software and more : How Apple wants to leave the competition behind Apple CEO Tim Cook has announced innovations that promise, among other things, more data protection on the company’s devices. Photo: dpa / Apple Cupertino The company has announced new software for its devices for autumn. The … Read more

990 yen for 3GB ── UQ Mobile’s Denki set discount is at the same level as MVNO (Junya Ishino) –Engadget Japanese version

UQ Junya Ishino KDDI has announced a new discount service for UQ mobile, a brand that handles low and medium capacity. In addition to supporting 5G after summer, 5G smartphones such as iPhone 12 will also be released on June 10. The number of stores that handle UQ mobile will be expanded to all au … Read more

How to synchronize all your notes stored in Google in the official ‘app’ of the iPhone | Lifestyle

We have all ever needed a paper and a pencil to jot down an important phone number, or a task that has come to mind by surprise. Luckily, since we have a cell phone in our pockets, that task has fallen on them, specifically on the apps specially designed to keep notes the important things … Read more