They find a body in the public highway with a shot in the head

During the night of Friday, a new homicide was registered in the country. This time in the commune of Curanilahue, Bío Bío region. A 23-year-old man was found dead on public roads. His body had a ballistic impact on the head. Skills Carabineros and SAMU personnel arrived at the scene, who confirmed the cause of … Read more

Death of friends Roman and Martin from Liptov: Friends said what happened that night

Sixteen-year-old boys from the Liptov area apparently died by accident. This follows from a report by police officers who have tentatively ruled out someone else’s fault. Friends are convinced that Roman lost his life in saving Martin. They told reporters what happened on the fateful night. The whole of Slovakia was shocked by the news … Read more

The rubble of the house after the explosion in Koryčany is removed. According to the police, the pipeline was damaged during the reconstruction – ČT24 – Česká televize

Firefighters had already cleared the rubble of the collapsed house and put the neighboring road into operation. This is the main road connecting Kyjov and Kroměříž. From the morning onwards, drivers can drive through it without any problems. Firefighters left the place at night. “Firefighters dismantled the remains of the family house in the evening … Read more

the investigation of the case does not coincide with his version of events

Yesterday morning, pop singer Leo García claimed to have suffered a homophobic attack after insinuating himself to a man. As he related in his Instagram stories, the attack had occurred the night before in a brewery in the General Rodríguez area, where he lived in an apartment for several months. With her face bloody from … Read more

Mayor Mushroom faces another problem. Municipal contracts are handled by the Antimonopoly Office

The Office for the Protection of Competition deals with contracts of the Prague City Hall, headed by Mayor Zdeněk Hřib (Pirates). The value of a contract that a company can receive without competition must not exceed two million. However, some companies received much more money from the municipality. In nine months, the pirates were to … Read more

The investigation only focuses on the Belgian shepherd as the dog that mortally bit Lucena’s child

The dog that killed five-year-old Dylan in the early hours of Sunday was the Belgian shepherd who lived with the family on a farm in Lucena. The investigation, which is now coordinated by the Lucena Court of First Instance and Instruction number one, never suspected the existence of two Doberman dogs as some witnesses pointed … Read more

Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry into Federal Floods? The idea is progressing

Posted on Tuesday, September 7, 2021 at 6:30 a.m. Through didier swysen What political consequences for the terrible floods of mid-July? It left for the work of the parliamentary commission of inquiry in the Walloon Parliament. But will there also be a Commission of Inquiry at the federal level? Several parties are calling for it: … Read more

Eating a “Complete” or “Hot Dog” can shorten your life in 36 minutes, according to study | Health & Wellness

There is nothing like a good complete for satisfy hunger when we are short of time or we want to treat ourselves in the day, but according to researchers at the University of Michigan this could affect us in such a way that each complete would take 36 minutes of life. The information provided by … Read more

It is as if they saw your soul: they reveal that the look of robots can influence human decisions | Technology

An investigation revealed that the direct gaze of a human-like robot generates a delay in a person’s decision making. Something that makes sense since if something like that looks at you, it is very likely that you cannot think clearly. The team of researchers concluded that people can be influenced in speed they make decisions … Read more

MH17 investigation appealed to the Russian military / GORDON

“JIT […] requests information again. The request for the next investigation is addressed, in particular, to the residents of the Russian city of Kursk. A Buk air defense missile system was dispatched from Kursk, which, according to the joint investigation team, shot down the plane. […] If you have any information (for example, photos, videos, … Read more