The “Concierto de conciertos” of rock in Spanish will arrive at Pascual Guerrero in Cali

The “Concert of Concerts” summoned more than 40,000 attendees in Bogotá, and this good reception led the organizers to look at other cities. This time the turn will be for Cali, on November 25 at the Pascual Guerrero Stadium. The event will be produced by Ricardo Leyva Producciones, who will ensure that his list of … Read more

Cross-border tourism promotes industrial integration——Seeing the development of China’s tourism industry from the 2023 China (Aershan) Tourism Conference

original title:Cross-border tourism promotes industrial integration——From the 2023 China (Aershan) Tourism Conference to see the development of China’s tourism industry Xinhua News Agency, Hohhot, September 4th Xinhua News Agency reporters Xu Zhuang and He Shuchen An art salon jointly built by villagers and artists was opened in the countryside, a forest music festival was held … Read more

Participating in a Proof-of-Concept Project for “Asset Management Campus”: A Financial Education Program Using the Metaverse Space for High School Students

Participating in a proof-of-concept project for “Asset Management Campus,” a financial education and learning program for high school students using the Metaverse space -Providing consistent services from selection of Metaverse space to operation support- V-cube, Inc. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President and Domestic CEO: Masaya Takada, hereinafter referred to as V-cube) is Nomura Research Institute, Ltd. … Read more

Reimagining Educational Policies in the Age of Artificial Intelligence: A Critical Analysis

There is a lot of talk about higher education policy and the proposal that the national government has socialized to the country. The sector has also made its reflections through the various associations and leaders and experts have raised their voices to express their critical analysis. The question thus arises, what policy changes are necessary … Read more

Lana del Rey sang 23 songs in the concert considered the biggest of her career

The Economist – Mexico City As I watched people fall around me, and I tried to stay on my feet listening to Pretty when I cry, I couldn’t help but wonder “is it really more dangerous to attend a Lana del Rey concert than a metal festival?”. The answer was yes. So far, my friend … Read more

Taylor Swift’s concerts, the pace at which the American economy moves

The phenomenon Taylor Swift, who every time she announces a new presentation sells out in a few minutes, is a clear reflection of the impact of the music and artistic industry on world consumption. According to a study by research firm QuestionPro, only the ‘Eras ​​Tour’, which the American singer advances, will add US$5 billion … Read more

fairs, concerts and many playlists

Fairs, festivals, concerts box office, genre-specific stations and many, many playlists, is what popular music has achieved, not only in Colombia, but throughout the world. The ground has been won by hand with its artists who in the country have increases in their reproductions of up to 500% in the last year, according to Spotify … Read more

The closing of the Summer Festival will come with a special concert and different activities

Bogotá has a birthday and to celebrate it The Mayor’s Office organized the Summer Festival, which has had different recreational and cultural activities in various parts of the city. This Sunday will be the closing, and the main point is a concert by local and international artists, in which different genres such as vallenato, merengue … Read more

Encouraging Growth in Higher Education Enrollments in Colombia: A Record-Breaking Year

According to the report of the Ministry of Educationthe country presented an encouraging panorama in the behavior of higher education enrollments in 2022. Total enrollment in higher education reached 2.46 million students and grew by 17,957 against the previous year; this represents an increase of 0.73%. Of the total, 2,284,637 students were studying Undergraduate Programs … Read more

Rethinking Higher Education Reform: A Vision for the Future

Higher education reform has been talked about with great intensity, within the framework of the proposals that the national government through the Ministry of National Education (MEN) has made to the public. After several days of presenting the proposed texts, I dare to say that the reform must be done with a vision of the … Read more