The quality of virtual education goes to the board

Until now the impact of the pandemic had eloquently manifested itself on health, the economy, entertainment and socialization of people, but very little has been said about the damage it caused on the quality of education provided in schools and the universities. It is not scientifically proven by the academy or scientists, but it is … Read more

“Incidence of educational credit in the development of the regions”

Date: September 29, 2021 Place: LR digital platform Higher education is a fundamental pillar in which the Government has made every effort to make Colombia a prosperous and equitable nation in order to make it the most educated country in Latin America by 2025, seeking to achieve the objectives where access A higher education is … Read more

Feed Médor and Félix, without killing the Marguerite cow

Rich Kelleman tests a food on his dog Rumples and that of a colleague on July 1, 2021 in Boulder, Colorado / AFP The start-up Bond Pet Foods makes a light brown powder with a nutty flavor, with hints of Parmesan, which will perhaps be the magic formula to feed dogs and cats with animal … Read more

The Cabinet of Ministers registered in the Rada the draft state budget for 2022 / GORDON

It is noted that the draft law was received by the Rada on September 15 and sent to the relevant committee for consideration. According to the document, state budget revenues are provided at the level of UAH 1.267 trillion, expenses – UAH 1.442 trillion. The presentation of the draft state budget for 2022 in parliament … Read more

Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan warn of Evergrande debt contagion risks

The Evergrande Group debt crisis could pose a contagion risk for the Chinese real estate sector as a whole, Goldman Sachs said in a note published Wednesday. The property developer, who has a liability of nearly two trillion yuan (US $ 305 billion), is trying to raise funds to pay lenders and suppliers, while he … Read more

A Spanish minor, first clinical case in the world of addiction to Fortnite

A Spanish minor has become the first clinical case known in the world in being hospitalized for two months for a serious addiction to the Fortnite video game, after the adolescent presented a behavioral disorder that led to isolation at home or rejection of social interactions. The news was released after the team at the … Read more

We live frugally / GORDON

“I have been earning this money for more than one year. My wife and I have a philosophy that we live economically. We do not cuddle, but we do not cuddle. But we accumulate certain fortunes in order to live better. If we want to expand our living space , then we go to this … Read more

When is the transition to the Corona pandemic? “It will end up like a cold”

Out of 7.8 billion worldwide… 2.3 billion ‘vaccinated’Corona 19 ‘endemic’ expected… “Inducing a cold in the body” ↑ A South African man is being vaccinated at a makeshift inoculation station in a train car on the 27th of last month / Photo = Yonhap News A number of experts have predicted that the COVID-19 pandemic … Read more

Another lawsuit for forced liquidation against Monserrat supermarkets

The Montserrat chain announced its closure, but that has not been an obstacle for a series of creditors to sue the supermarket linked to the Bada family. Now it was the turn of the Santiago Fishing Logistics Center, which asked the courts for the forced liquidation of the company. The company said that, at the … Read more

“Over 1 million patients by 2024″… How to Recognize Early Symptoms of Dementia in Parents

Chuseok is just a week away, but this year, due to the COVID-19 outbreak, ‘non-face-to-face family gatherings’ are highly recommended. However, if you see your parents after a long time, it is good to check whether they have dementia. This is because the rate of increase in dementia patients in Korea is the highest in … Read more