In the Olympic Stadium, The Alpha roared like an animal

Imposing and determined to win. this is how it came “The Alpha” to the Olympic Stadium, before showing on the screen an audiovisual of a young man, disheveled and hungry for success, who promised the country to position the dembow at an international level. Around 10:00 at night, with an audience that would have waited … Read more

Barrick awards accreditations to the third group of the Credit program

Old Town Barrick delivered the third accreditation to 20 beneficiary students of the Loan-Scholarship program, through an agreement with Fundapecfrom the provinces of Sánchez Ramírez, Monseñor Nouel and San Pedro de Macorís. This program began in 2018 with the participation of 25 deserving students from the municipalities of Cotuí, Zambrana, Maimón, Piedra Blanca, Quisqueya and … Read more

The Ojea plot reopens today for 55 cars and will host concerts and activities of the Christ

Ten days after the City Council of Cangas closed the Ojea esplanade to traffic to remove the rubble and refurbish the plot occupied by the Lago Paganini cannery, the operators and machinery of the company Catorvi Excavaciones finished their work yesterday and the space will reopen to the public today paved with gravel, unified and … Read more

What has been achieved with 4% of GDP for education?

A group of civil society organizations held demonstrations in favor of applying 4% of GDP to education, contemplated in Law 66-97, they achieved their purpose by making all the presidential candidates sign the commitment in the 2012 elections and as of 2013 the government of Daniel Medina The law began to be applied, however after … Read more

They seek to develop the competence of four thousand physical education teachers

This is the third and final stage of the “Training and Updating Day for the Planning of the Physical Education Class in the Dominican Republic” organized by Inefi, in order to strengthen educational development in its discipline. The National Institute of Physical Education (INEFI) Yesterday, the closing of the third stage of the Training and … Read more

Scholarship winner for Stanford plans to implement policies for development upon her return to the DR

The Alegria invaded Isamar Marte Núñez when reading the letter of acceptance to the prestigious Stanford University in California, but it was not only the entrance to the high house of studies that caused such emotion, but the offer of a scholarship that covers the total cost of the Economics career oriented development and public … Read more

Why do dogs lick their paws so much?

The compulsive paw licking dogis a conduct which should always draw the attention of the responsible guardian. It is a atypical behavior which can be linked to conditions as diverse as the stress or anxiety, dermatological diseases such as atopy or often as a consequence of a lack of physical activity. Compulsively licking his paws … Read more

He announced that he suffers from facial paralysis and will cancel concerts

The singer Justin Bieber had to postpone his tour for North America After being diagnosed with Down syndrome Ramsay Hunta strange ailment that causes partial paralysis of the face. “As you can see, this eye doesn’t blink. I can’t smile on this side of my face. The nostril doesn’t move. So I have complete paralysis … Read more

He hung out with the Chargers after their concerts at SoFi Stadium

Los Angeles Chargers had a special visitor SoFi Stadium. Through social networks, the team of the NFL shared photos of three players with members of Firm Group. In the publication, the members are seen in the team’s locker room with Chris Rumph II, Michael Davis y Keenan Allenwho gave them a jersey with the number he … Read more