World in difficulties

Martin Luther King Jr. wrote, “Injustice everywhere is a danger to justice in all places.” I really don’t doubt the knowledge, but I would like to stage out that King didn’t (and could not) go all over the place to combat injustice. Which is not a knock in opposition to the fantastic King. There are … Read more

Angle: Tickets soaring due to live boom, inflationary pressure on stars | Reuters

LOS ANGELES/GLASTONBURY, England (Reuters) – Should we call it ‘Beyonce Flation’ or ‘Swift Flation’? Inflation is beginning to stabilize in some areas. The exception is live music and concerts. Ticket prices have soared to the point where even economists are concerned. Fans are shelling out big bucks for concert tickets to catch a glimpse of … Read more

South Korea begins medical enhancement of new low-price oral cholera vaccine in capsule type

Oral cholera vaccine is a key device in WHO’s international program for cholera control and eradication Korea-based Worldwide Vaccine Institute (IVI) has begun medical improvement of DuoChol, a new reduced-expense oral cholera vaccine (OCV) in capsule variety. With funding from the Wellcome Belief and the Swedish govt, IVI is preparing to carry out a Phase … Read more

Migrants and Peruvians clash on the border with Chile

Demonstrators staged a violent confrontation with Peruvians residing in the place of ​​the border of this country with Chile. Most of them are of Venezuelan origin and are striving to return to their nation. The Chilean outlet Meganoticias printed a movie in which persons can be found throwing stones. The pictures present police officers serving … Read more

Education in Concrete: Manifesto | Media library 92294

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What’s Bird Flu, Why Is It Killing Chickens, and Should We Be Worried?

A global outbreak of influenza among wild birds, once largely a worry for egg producers and backyard farmers, is raising growing public concern as the virus has displayed a disconcerting ability to infect various mammal species. The spread of the virus, known as H5N1, is setting off fears of even higher egg and poultry prices, … Read more

Headphones and concerts: billions of young people at risk of hearing loss free press

Children will not get rid of noise-induced hearing damage for the rest of their lives. They can even lead to earlier dementia. No matter whether directly in the ears or on them, many young people now have headphones almost as much as they do with a smartphone in their hands. The problem: They often listen … Read more

Israeli technology for the development of global education

For Lior Yafe Education is a human right, a public good and a collective responsibility. For this reason, the General Assembly of the United Nations proclaimed January 24 International Day of Education, in commemoration of the role it plays in peace and development. It has been determined by various experts that, without quality, inclusive and … Read more

Angle: “Correct Nature Conservation” Required to Achieve International Goals | Reuters

MONTREAL, CANADA (19th Thomson Reuters Foundation) – The 15th Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity (COP15) in Montreal, Canada, today announced that the world will stop and restore biodiversity loss. Agreed on a goal. The agreement will also play an important role in combating climate change, researchers and officials say. The … Read more