Pluneret. Martine and Christian Le Bozec couple organize concerts in their garden

Martine and Christian Le Bozec are passionate about music. These two are very involved in the associative field. The projects, they know. From Pluneret to Niger, via Guinea and Brittany, it is through their journeys that they met during a tour of Irish musicians. “The concerts at home, we set them up in 2019. Once … Read more

“We don’t want this horror here” (photo)

Posted on Wednesday, September 8, 2021 at 5:12 p.m. A woman expressed her fury after returning home to find that workers had erected a huge concrete wall 6 meters high at the edge of her garden. Sharon is now fighting to get rid of this “horror”. Sharon Everill has been angry that a six-meter-high wall … Read more

Early retirement: How it works and whether it pays off

At the age of 63 you earned a pension of 1,200 euros and have always earned an average of over the past few years. If you want to retire now and not only at the regular age limit of 66, the pension insurance will deduct three times 3.6 percent from your monthly pension. So 10.8 … Read more

Concert: Compagnie Tempo Vivace

SEPT 04 2021 “ Tempo Vivace, a cultural association created in Carcès in 2017 will present a concert of sacred and lyrical works with 4 artists. ” SCHEDULE 21:30 LIEU Courtyard of the Media Library RATE Single price: 10 €. CATEGORIES Concert PROGRAMME > Vanessa Fouillet, soprano > Xavier Léger, tenor > Stéphane Eliot, symphonic … Read more

TUPI S.A. – DPR TANGLED STORY FIGURE MUSIC 002-C1752 630509580668 |

Rapunzel sings her hopes for new discoveries and great adventures in Disney’s Tangled the Series! Press Pascal on Rapunzel’s shoulder and Musical Lights Rapunzel sings “Wind in My Hair”, her theme song from the series, and will say 4 phrases! Pascal lights up in 3 colors while singing and talking! Brush her long, luxurious hair … Read more

Kremer donation campaign collects over 10,000 euros

Flood aid : Kremer donation campaign collects over 10,000 euros Tanja Uhlenbrock (Kremer) hands over the check to Horst Kläuser from the Remscheid flood aid. Photo: Kremer Garden Center Wuppertal / Remscheid When the images of the flood appeared on the news a few weeks ago, it became clear to everyone: We have to stick … Read more

“In July and August, a good thirty facts were listed”

Posted on Friday, August 27, 2021 at 9:14 a.m. Through Nicolas rooze It’s a real epidemic! Since the beginning of the summer, around thirty garden shelters have attracted the greed of thieves in the territory of the Val de l’Escaut police zone. An investigation has been opened… Garden shed owners, on your guard! Since the … Read more

Concert on the shell stage in the Alexander Garden in Nizhny Novgorod on August 23, 2021

The park improvement concept was developed by the Wowhaus bureau. It was based on the wishes of Nizhny Novgorod experts and residents to carefully preserve and restore the historical territory. Within the framework of the “Wednesday 800” program in the Alexander Garden, the road and path network was renewed, paving, additional landscaping and lighting were … Read more

Tomatoes are so healthy – with delicious recipes

Homemade dried tomatoes Many people know about dried tomatoes from Italy, but you can dry them yourself with little effort. Varieties with a thin skin and firm pulp are suitable. To do this, the tomatoes are cut into slices about one centimeter thick and put in a dehydrator for 12 to 14 hours at 55 … Read more