Zimbabwe’s leading nickel producer wants to list on the Victoria Falls Stock Exchange (VFEX)

(Agence Ecofin) – Established by the government over a year ago to attract more foreign capital, the Victoria Falls Stock Exchange is trying to attract new businesses by all means. In a circular note addressed to its shareholders and published on November 19, Bindura Nickel calls for their votes in favor of listing the company … Read more

Durango grants 95,000 euros for cultural creation

In order to help the creators of the town, the Durango City Council has granted 16 scholarships for cultural creation worth 95,000 euros. Under the title Durango Founders’ place, These grants are intended to promote the realization of specific creative processes in projects of performing arts, audiovisuals, music, literature and illustration, plastic and graphic works, … Read more

Tasks for education

Education is the most important resource in a society. The economic future depends on it and, more importantly, the ethical perspective. If good educational processes are combined with sound public institutions that promote justice and efficiency in the allocation of resources, a harmonious and prosperous circumstance will be likely. Therefore, the first element of educational … Read more

Parents or children: who will take care of the pet in the end?

Parents know that one very important question comes up at some point: Can’t we have a pet? A dog to play with? Or a cute little hamster to cuddle with? The important affirmation comes right afterwards: I’ll definitely take care of it! According to a recent survey, more than five million households in Germany acquired … Read more

Investment for higher public education – More Content

Public higher education institutions started or have already completed planned projects, but which, due to lack of resources, had not been able to finish. Likewise, they have managed to keep their operation and operation financed and have even improved their financial and budgetary condition. This happened thanks to the 3.49 trillion pesos of additional resources … Read more

Technology for education

Impossible to think about the world of today without information technologies and without the interactive learning that new generations need. In Colombia, however, there is a gap that does not allow access for the entire population and in particular for school students to these technological developments, as was evident in the pandemic. That is why … Read more

Violations of the legislation on the contract system during the implementation of the “Education” project were revealed in the Jewish Autonomous Region

Photo: epp.genproc.gov.ru BIROBIDZHAN, October 27, “City on Bir” — The prosecutor’s office revealed and stopped violations of the legislation on the contract system during the implementation of the national project “Education” The Prosecutor’s Office of the Obluchensky District carried out an audit of the implementation of the legislation on the contract system in the field … Read more

Requirements to subrogate a mortgage and save money with better conditions

A relatively simple way to make an existing mortgage cheaper is to change it banks, an operation that is technically called creditor subrogation. And is that many entities, to steal customers from the competition and increase their income, currently offer this possibility. Now, what requirements must a mortgaged person meet to access the best surrogacy … Read more