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Food Blogger Lightroom Presets This resource is collected and organized by JAD Resource Network丨www.jiuandun.comResource introduction Food Blogger mobile and desktop Lightroom presets are perfect for photos of your delicious recipes on instagram Compatible with: Lightroom CC, Photoshop CC RAW, Lightroom mobile applications What to include – 10 professional Lightroom preset mobile devices in DNG format, … Read more

It’s easy because you bake the whole can! … “Exquisite Ahijo” complimented by drinking at home # 145 — Illustrations, sentences, photographs / Inuyo Hiro | ananweb – Magazine House

[Super easy Zubora rice of Inuyo Hiro]vol. 145 Sardine can ajillo material 1 can of sardine oil sardineHerb salt a littleSliced ​​pepper a little1 piece of garlic recipe 1. Put peeled and sliced ​​garlic and pepper in a sardine can and sprinkle with herb salt. 2. Bake 1 on the grill for about 5 minutes … Read more

How Impossible Foods aims to replace the meat industry

San Francisco The meatball has a pink sheen and is speckled with small pieces of white. In the pan it hisses in the fat and turns evenly brown. Only the packaging reveals that a meat double made from soy is sizzling: “Impossible: minced meat – made from plants” is written on it. The Mimicry Bulette … Read more

Hungry? Check out these 16 Rosca de Reyes recipes + hot drinks

Preparing the filled rosca de reyes has never been so easy, you just have to follow the step-by-step instructions to obtain the most delicious rosca de reyes. MEXICO CITY NOTHING how to gain a few kilos at Christmas time. And it is that with such delicious food it is impossible to maintain the diet. If … Read more

The King of couscous in France gives us his recipe

– You have just won a gastronomic prize coveted by the Cordons Bleues of France, that of the best couscous in France. What makes chef Hamid Miss’s couscous different? – I am going to use the words of the jury, of the television program “Très Très Bon” broadcast on Paris Première, which awarded me this … Read more

How food banks provide for those in need over Christmas

EActually, the angel was supposed to come to the Berlin table today and distribute gifts to the children in need. Like last year, there should be a big Christmas handicraft in the community room, with singing, cookies, children’s punch. Everything canceled – because of Corona. Instead, the parents are given the Christmas bags with donated … Read more

The classic Fruitcake from the Christmas season but made in the microwave! Chef Mariano passes you the recipe!

Ingredients:¼ tza Pasitas ¼ cup walnut, chopped¼ cup Blueberries¼ cup cherry, choppedBrand tza Brandy 1 tza Flour for hot cakes1 pc Egg1 cup milk Process:1. For the fruit cake, in a bowl place nuts and brandy, leave to marinate for a couple of hours.2. In a bowl place flour, egg and milk, beat until integratedperfectly. … Read more

Pravda Club in Moscow faces closure for violation of antiquated measures

Nightclub Pravda may be closed for 90 days for non-compliance with epidemiological measures. On the evening of December 20, a concert of the Sunsay group was held at the institution, during which employees of the capital’s association of administrative and technical inspections of Moscow (OATI) discovered violations. The audience at the concert did not observe … Read more