They investigate a Spanish protector for illegal animal trafficking with profits of 265,000 euros

The Fiscal and Border Analysis and Investigation Unit (UDAIFF) of the Civil Guard and the Nature Protection Service (SEPRONA) investigated on March 1 the president of an association for a continued crime of documentary forgeryby falsifying export certificates and presenting them to the UK authorities to export 482 dogs from Gran Canaria to the UK … Read more

Para Sport Awareness Day

A para-sport awareness day was organized on Friday at the Grand Stade de Marrakech, for the benefit of students from schools belonging to the Regional Academy of Education and Training (AREF) of Marrakech-Safi, and this as part of the 7th International Meeting of Para-athletics Moulay El Hassan. Led and supervised by a host of experts … Read more

Influential Women in Animal and Veterinary Health in Spain

The animal health sector in Spain has evolved a lot in recent years, going from being mainly masculine y rural to concentrate in the cities, with women now being the majority in the profession. This process of feminization is becoming more and more noticeable in the profession, since more than 72% of registered veterinarians under … Read more

Spain approves the Royal Decree on animal welfare in livestock

The Council of Ministers has approved the last two royal decrees that complete the accompanying regulatory package for the development of the new Common Agricultural Policy (PAC) in Spain, and which refer to the improvement of the animal welfare conditions on farms and the rules for the application of penalties in the interventions contemplated in … Read more

Scholarships will be recalculated in Moldova for university students and students of colleges and schools

Scholarships will be recalculated in Moldova for university students and students of colleges and schools Newspaper-SPFebruary 23, 2023 7:10 p.m Scholarships will be recalculated for students from January 1. Illustrative photo: Language Russian The amount of the increase was from 70 to 270 lei per month. On February 22, the government decided to increase … Read more

Apply for a scholarship as a stern photographer

Turn of the year: Junge Union calls for reappraisal of New Year’s Eve After attacks on emergency services on New Year’s Eve, the Junge Union Baden-Württemberg described inner-German cities as “scenes similar to civil war”. “A turn of the year when dozens of police, fire and rescue services are injured nationwide should not be a … Read more

The Animal Protection Law overcomes its blockade by excluding hunting dogs

In recent weeks the Bill for the protection, rights and welfare of animals has experienced intense days of negotiation in the Congress of Deputies. And it is that 2 sessions have been held in the Social Rights Commission —and two more that were canceled at the last moment— to try to unlock the lawwhich does … Read more

Ceva Salud Animal congratulates Christmas with a video about solidarity

Something Salud Animaltrue to its motto ‘Together, beyond animal health’, congratulates the Christmas to all those who watch over the health of human beings, animals and the environment and make a wish for the coming year: #QueSiguaelHilodelaSolidaridad. The company has published a christmas video in which he remembers that all living beings come into the … Read more

Colonial past of the Netherlands: Struggling for an apology

The Dutch government wants to apologize for slavery. But this overdue step has caused a fierce controversy. Believe the type of apology was wrong: Surinamese representatives of bereaved families in The Hague Photo: image AMSTERDAM taz | December 19 will go down in Dutch history: For the first time, the government wants to apologize for … Read more

How to make dogs and cats greener? Mac Lesggy responds

Let’s talk about our beloved pets. Adorable and faithful furballs, of course, but we must realize that, like us, they have a carbon footprint. How to help reduce it? A Brazilian study, published last month in Nature on the subject, assessed the carbon footprint of food for dogs and cats, comparing different types of diet. … Read more