SandlerFest concerts at the Green Theater at VDNKh

July 2 12:00 – Opening of the Depeche Mode Tribute Show “Enjoy the Symphony” with the “Midnight Symphony” orchestra There are few live recordings in history comparable in popularity to Depeche Mode’s “101”. By 1989, on the musical Olympus, the Depeche Mode group had firmly taken the position of a well-known, cult and famous group. … Read more

Jungfrau Zeitung – Timeless with the seasons quartet

Thun Palace Concerts | 28. June 2022 In the middle of summer, the seasons quartet gave a guided tour through all the seasons with the help of Helmut Vogel and surprised with lifelike water rushing and even animal sounds. The concert led through the seasons.Photo: zvg The perfect interplay of the strings of the seasons … Read more

Córdoba: a pitbull killed another dog and had to be caught by the Environmental Police

This Sunday at Villa Esquiú a loose pit bull attacked and killed another dogso the Environmental Police had to go to the place and control the situation After the attack followed by the death of the other dog, the neighbors felt threatened and frightened and called the Environmental Police. Pit Bull Attack: Aggressive Breed or … Read more

Pollini in Jazz, four days of exclusive concerts at the Giardini dell’Arena from 1 to 4 June 2022 Events in Padua

I Arena Gardens of Padua are colored with jazz thanks to the exclusive festival born from the collaboration between Conservatory “Cesare Pollini” and cultural associations Fusmart e Mame. Il billboard 2022 from “Pollini in Jazz”, directed by prof. Michele Polgaproposes four evenings able to plot a portrait of the main faces of the musical genre. … Read more

at the start with a concert for organ and trumpet Events in Modena

Tuesday 28 June (8.30 pm) in the church of the Madonna del Ponte (S. Pietro) in Formigine the concert for organ (Roberto Bonetto) and trumpet (Alberto Frugoni) inaugurates the 2022 edition of the provincial review “Harmoniously – Modena Organ Festival” which will see performances in various locations in the province of Modena during the summer. … Read more

concert of the Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra in Modugno 28 June 2022

Tuesday 28th Juneat ore 20.30in the Fortified farmhouse of Balsignano in Modugnothe review kicks off “Mouth of rose“, The new production ofMetropolitan Symphony Orchestra that makes homage to the so-called Genoese schoolretracing some of the most beautiful pages of the Italian author’s song starting with those of Fabrizio De Andrè. The concert, directed by the … Read more

Jungfrau Zeitung – Celebrations. City. To swim.

Bern city festival | 26. June 2022 The capital celebrates itself and thousands of enthusiastic people enjoy themselves there. Numerous concerts as well as bars and food stalls have attracted numerous visitors to the streets around the city center in the past few days, where a total of around 200,000 interested people are expected. Thousands … Read more

Weekend in Genoa and surroundings, what to do

First summer weekend full of events including concerts, celebrations of San Giovanni, culture, music, reviews and the inevitable gastronomic evenings that characterize the summer. Here are ten events that will liven up the weekend. To consult the complete program, click here. 1. Madame in concerto On Sunday the singer will perform at the Erzelli as … Read more

Bianca was left without concerts of stable income

Image taken from: Singer Bianca spoke about the problems in her career that she has been experiencing for several years. As it turned out, the artist was left without concerts, which provided her with a stable income. Tatyana Lipnitskaya, better known as the singer Bianca, began her musical career in Russia almost twenty years … Read more