Make contact with heterogeneity can create detrimental vaccine performance

An infection from the omicron variant of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that triggers COVID-19, benefits in a destructive measure of vaccine efficacy due to various speak to procedures (make contact with heterogeneity) between vaccinated people today. created, which may well have contributed to the bias in the observational analyze.Vaccine effectiveness, in accordance to findings published in … Read more

The study that drives the left crazy: their Autonomous Communities spend more and offer worse health and education

The State Association of Directors and Managers in Social Services has just published an interesting report dedicated to evaluating the investment made by the autonomous communities in areas such as health, education and social services. These items account for the bulk of regional spending and constitute the central pillars of social spending, so that their … Read more

Saxony: parliamentary groups for more efficiency in political education

Saxony Groups for more efficiency in political education 11/07/2022 06:18 am Dresden (dpa/sn) – The majority of the parliamentary groups in the state parliament would like political education to be more efficient. “In view of the increasingly complex issues, what is needed above all is more practical, true-to-life education in our schools,” explained SPD education … Read more

Smolenskaya Gazeta – Cynologist of the Smolensk Federal Penitentiary Service and her service dog took one of the cups at the All-Russian competitions

Photo: © news An employee of the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia in the Smolensk region Oksana Ivanova, together with her German shepherd Puma, took part in All-Russianp interdepartmentalp competitionp national teams of federal executive bodies of Russia in service-applied sports, which passed within the territory of Moscow region. It should be noted that … Read more