Olivier Avoa explains why Bomou Mamadou wants to organize 3 concerts

The versatile Ivorian artist, Bomou Mamadou, unveiled the main axes of his 03 unpublished concerts, through Olivier Avoa, the general commissioner for the organization, on Friday, December 3, 2021: during a press conference. Bomou Mamadou, actor-director, dancer-choreographer, singer-songwriter, has been in intensive rehearsal for several weeks with his musicians in order to deliver three major … Read more

The Chinese Internet Giants’ Adventure Ends On Wall Street

Published on : 05/12/2021 – 23:49 Is the adventure of Chinese companies on Wall Street heading towards the end? The announcement of the withdrawal of “Chinese Uber” Didi Chuxing from the New York Stock Exchange is seen by analysts as the beginning of the withdrawal of other Chinese tech giants. Despite denials from Chinese authorities, … Read more

Corpoelec presents Electro Cuento at the Algelia Laya Initial Education Center in San Bernardino

The Electro Tale of the National Electricity Corporation (Corpoelec), a practical and fun way to teach about the conscious use of electricity, was presented at the Initial Education Center of the National Assembly “Simoncito Argelia Laya”, located in the parish San Bernardino of Caracas. According to Prensa Corpoelec, the activity was carried out by the … Read more

The “Chinese Uber”, Didi Chunxing, leaves the New York Stock Exchange

Published on : 03/12/2021 – 10:48 Five months after the start of its listing in the United States, the “Chinese Uber” indicates that it will register in Hong Kong. A decision that comes a few hours after the adoption in the United States of more restrictive rules for foreign companies listed there. From our correspondent … Read more

Succeeded in shooting animal bone-sucking pandas in Shaanxi-China

Is the giant panda a vegetarian? The answer is surprisingly NO. (1/4 sheet) Is the giant panda a vegetarian? The answer is surprisingly NO. It is true that pandas eat bamboo as their staple food, but sometimes they also eat “feasts” such as meat. [Other photos] On November 27, when the Buddhist National Nature Reserve … Read more

Living in Peace, a certified non-profit organization, launches a career education program for children in orphanages | Press Release

Living in Peace (Location: Chuo-ku, Tokyo), a certified non-profit corporation that is active with the vision of “giving everyone a chance.” Is a career education program for children in orphanages. We will start providing the implementation manual for “Oshigoto Lip”. ■ Career challenges for children living in orphanagesMany children living in orphanages are forced to … Read more

Sanjiangyuan National Nature Reserve where herders and wildlife coexist-China

Even though it’s only been a month since Sanjiangyuan National Park in Qinghai was officially nominated as a national park, its fame is already widely known. (1/18 sheets) Sanjiangyuan National Park (Sanjiangyuan National Nature Reserve) in Qinghai Province has been widely known for its fame, even though it has only been a month since it … Read more

The Casablanca Stock Exchange and Ibn Tofail University seal a partnership agreement

Signed by the Director General of the Casablanca Stock Exchange, Tarik Senhaji and the President of Ibn Tofail University, Azzeddine El Midaoui, this agreement sets itself the objectives of promoting the financial markets and popularizing the stock market culture for the benefit of students. Under this agreement, the two parties undertake to work together to … Read more

Cayapa Animal Protein Plan advances in the distribution of food in the national territory

The Cayapa Animal Protein Plan benefited more than 3,000 families from the Valles de Juncalito Socialist Missions Base, located in the Libertador municipality of Carabobo state, who were assisted in the deployment of the Soberano Field Fair, promoted by the Bolivarian Government. The information was published by Mercados de Alimentos CA (Mercal) through its Twitter … Read more

In Penza, the dog did not allow ambulance doctors to approach the owner

On Thursday, November 25, employees of the Penza Fire and Rescue Center received a message about a non-standard situation. A Penza resident on Mira Street suddenly felt ill. The man called an ambulance, the doctors arrived at the address and encountered an obstacle: the patient’s dog did not allow the doctors to approach the owner. … Read more