The Beijing News – Good news never stops

Zhang Yixing in 2022 belongs to the stage. Released a new EP “West”, in which the song “The Veil” is still the familiar M-POP(Fusion of national style music)Integrate the national style; held the first online concert, started a world tour, performed at the Grammy Museum in the United States, and gave a lecture at Harvard … Read more

The Beijing News – Good News, Endless

【Hot spots】 Has the prevention and control policy been adjusted recently? How to deal with the prevention and control “layers of overweight”?Official Authoritative Response On November 5, the Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism of the State Council held a press conference to introduce the scientific and accurate prevention and control of the epidemic and answer … Read more

The Beijing News – Good News, Endless

In June 1984, Hou Xianguang, an assistant researcher at the Nanjing Institute of Geology and Palaeontology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, came to the vicinity of Maotian Mountain in Chengjiang, Yunnan, my country, to look for fossil specimens of paleontology. He clearly remembered that at more than two o’clock in the afternoon on July 1 of … Read more

“Liquor and tobacco are worse for your health” Cultivating cannabis at home Arrested a man of a company employee | Nico Nico News

A 27-year-old office worker was arrested for cultivating cannabis at his home in Machida, Tokyo. He is said to have stated that alcohol and tobacco are worse for the body than cannabis. [Video]Confiscated cannabis Koki Takuma, 27, is suspected of growing 15 cannabis plants at his home in Machida City from July to this month. … Read more

Our pet? A member of the family for many of us

Credit: Illustration Unsplash Woufbox, a subsidiary of AwesomePetCo, carried out a study on the relationship of the French with their pets. Many of them consider their animal as a member of the family, even as a child. Woufbox, a brand of the AwesomePetCo group which offers pet boxes, is behind this survey of 1,002 people … Read more

The Beijing News – Good News, Endless

Alan Tam.Photo courtesy of the interviewee There will always be people who ask Alan Tam: Have you ever thought about retirement? In an exclusive interview with the Beijing News, he said with a smile: “When I say I’m 26 years old, it means I’m going to retire.” Alan Tam, 72, plays four football games a … Read more

Smolenskaya Gazeta – A bill on a unified standard of school education is being considered in Russia

Photo: © Community In Russia, in the first reading, they adopted a bill on a single standard of education for all schools in the country. The bill, developed with the support of the United Russia party, will introduce a common list of educational programs developed by the Ministry of Education. “For an elementary school, … Read more

A sense of crisis over the loss of Kyoto University’s shared intellectual property. Business Insider Japan

ShutterStock/EQRoy of Kyoto UniversityHigher Education Research and Development Promotion Center abolished this SeptemberIt was announced on August 4 by the Research and Development Promotion Center for Higher Education, Kyoto University. This announcement has caused a great deal of shock among educators, including Kyoto University officials. This is because the Higher Education Research and Development Promotion … Read more

Explanation of account items for donations and their tax and accounting treatment | THE OWNER

You can see various advertisements and scenes asking for donations on the street. You can donate as an individual, or as a business. Donations for projects should be considered separately from ordinary expenses. Here, let’s take a look at the differences between donations and entertainment expenses, how they are accounted for, and tax considerations. What … Read more