Univer Scholarship on TNT4 channel 03/07/2023 at 03:00, frames, videos, actors.

The Ministry of Education made a mistake and transferred the scholarships of all university students to Sasha’s card. Sasha decided that dad had transferred the money, and immediately gave it to the treatment of a sick child, found by Tanya in the back streets of the Internet. When the error is found out, everyone starts … Read more

About the animal welfare law | Opinion

About the animal welfare law The animal welfare law was approved a few days ago in the Congress of Deputies by the government partners (PSOE-Podemos) despite the different positions that both hold on some of the proposals that the law contemplates. Once again, the ministers of Podemos have hastily implemented another law, without consensus, without … Read more

The ‘premiere’ of the animal welfare law

The ‘premiere’ of the animal welfare law From the creators of ‘The law of only yes is yes’ now comes the premiere of ‘The animal welfare law’, the second installment of the horror saga that has been so successful in recent months, and which is a sequel to that saga of the revolutionary sixties, ‘Pepe … Read more

New standards in education – and how often they have changed over the past 30 years

Now, in principle, it is not customary to stand out in particular, and already in the fall they will equalize all schoolchildren in the country. Starting from the new academic year, education in educational institutions will follow the unified federal state educational standard. Will gymnasiums, lyceums and schools with different curricula become a thing of … Read more

Nella Musica Orchestra will show a New Year’s multimedia concert at Lumiere Hall on December 29

Two days before the New Year (2023) a real miracle will happen in Moscow! Are you ready to fully immerse yourself in the fantastic spaces created by the famous Japanese director Hayao Miyazaki, seasoned with special sound installations from his permanent colleague, composer Jo Hisaishi? On this magical pre-holiday evening, the audience will hear the … Read more

[Postscript]Tomoyoshi Inai, “Social History of Child Welfare Facilities and Educational Ideas: From Juji Ishii to Shokichi Tomita and Shingo Takada” – Keiso Bibliophile

 Here are the pages for the afterword, foreword, introduction, conclusion, commentary, etc. Feel free to turn the pages and feel the atmosphere of the book. You can also see an overview such as the table of contents from “Bibliographic information”.  By Tomoyoshi Inai“Social History of Child Welfare Facilities and Educational Ideas”From Juji Ishii to Shokichi Tomita … Read more

Bicycle Safety Education Instructor Seminar (Fukuoka Area) will be held – Fukuoka Prefectural Office Homepage

Department in charge: Community Safety Division, Human Resource Development and Citizens’ Affairs Department Passthrough: 092‐643‐3167 extension: 2953 manager: Kawamoto, Takahashi We hold bicycle safety education leader class (Fukuoka district) In order to promote the safe and appropriate use of bicycles, Fukuoka Prefecture will hold seminars on correct knowledge about bicycles and teaching methods in bicycle … Read more

Smolenskaya Gazeta – Olga Maslova: I dreamed of becoming a teacher since childhood!

Education Mathematics teacher at the Elninsk Secondary School No. K.I. Rakutin Olga MASLOVA – a participant in the regional professional competition “Teacher of the Year” – 2022 will be remembered for a long time. She has been working at the school for only five years and has already earned the high title of laureate. “This … Read more

Education/ Training

The “Iberian cancer” carries with it the idiosyncrasy of all against all and stay away, I’m going, that’s why when in Spain they talk about education, only the one designed by the government of the day seems to be valid. As stated by a well-known Spanish writer, based in the Royal Academy of Language, Spain … Read more

Experts named the most popular education among the heads of Russian companies

Engineers are at the head of the largest Russian companies, researchers from the University of MISiS came to this conclusion. The Ministry of Education and Science also noticed the interest of applicants in engineering specialties in the last two years Photo: Vladislav Shatilo / RBC The largest Russian companies are mainly led by engineers, this … Read more