Berlin wants to strengthen political education of young people – dpa

BBerlin’s Youth Senator Astrid-Sabine Busse (SPD) has announced an offensive for the political education of young people in the city. It should start against the background of the planned lowering of the voting age in the state parliament elections to 16 this summer, as the Senate Department for Education, Youth and Family announced on Friday. … Read more

Publications of the State Center for Political Education North Rhine-Westphalia

Buch Day-care centers and elementary schools as places of political education and democratic learning Thomas Goll, Ingrid Schmidt (Eds.) Education for democracy is increasingly becoming an issue for elementary schools and day-care centers. In particular, participation as an opportunity to experience life is the focus. But how are institutions and schools prepared for this? What … Read more

Participation, Tolerance, Criticism – The Future of Civic Education

“Democracy and democratic action must be continuously learned and practiced. Non-formal educational opportunities and extracurricular learning and meeting places are particularly important for this,” writes Academy Director Udo Hahn in the 02/2022 issue of the German Cultural Council’s “Politik & Kultur” newspaper. You can read the text here. Is German society divided? And what is … Read more

danger from the left? | Brandenburg State Center for Civic Education

The collective term “extremism” refers to political efforts that are directed against the basic principles of free democracy such as human rights and separation of powers. In contrast, (left-wing) populism is a style of politics that emphasizes the contrast between the people (“the little people”) and the elite (“they up there”). This can, but does … Read more

Vocational training: More political education required – Regensburger Nachrichten

In view of the current, dramatic developments in the Ukraine, Joachim Maiß, chairman of the Federal Association of Teachers for Vocational Training (BvLB), calls for more political education to take place in schools. Joachim Maiß, Chairman of the Federal Association of Teachers for Vocational Training (BvLB), demands in view of the current, dramatic developments in … Read more

[House of Representatives Budget Committee]Acting Chairman Masatoshi Shiroi Proposes “tax measures that substantially increase the wages of each person” –Constitutional Democratic Party

On the 15th, the House of Representatives Budget Committee held a question to conclude the supplementary budget for this year, and Takashi Kii, acting chairman of the political affairs investigation, was the second-ranked member of the House of Representatives “Constitutional Democratic Party, Independent”. Interviews and interviews with the bereaved families of those who died in … Read more

World-wide-web online video: How regions in Europe have a say

EU policy is playing an more and more essential part in our everyday lifetime – but regions like North Rhine-Westphalia have a say in Europe! When the EU Fee proposes a new legislation, it frequently has to talk to the European Committee of the Areas for an impression – particularly any time the regulation affects … Read more

EAST EUROPE magazine | Eastern European studies and political education

EAST EUROPE magazine | Eastern European studies and political education Seek Find Order Inform <!– –> Eastern European studies and political education items .

Hong Kong pro-democracy movement dealt another blow as organizers of Tiananmen Square vigil arrested

Hong Kong — Police in Hong Kong arrested four leaders of one of the city’s most well-known pro-democracy groups on Wednesday. The “Hong Kong Alliance in Support of Patriotic, Democratic Movements in China” is one of few such groups still in existence after two years of crackdown on pro-democracy activists by Beijing. It has become … Read more

Democracy as medicine | The mail

mikel casal Science and Technology Pathology Virchow made compatible his enormous scientific work with a political activism that even led him to the Reichstag Depending on which biographer one reads, Rudolf Ludwig Carl Virchow’s greatest contribution is found in his studies on cancer, cellular pathology, the drive for experimentation or democracy, or in another of … Read more