In the US, “underwater explosions” scared a swimming dog terribly: they were manatees (video)

The video, which went viral on the Internet, has already gained more than 100 thousand views. The hostess was frightened by what had happened, because for a moment she lost her pet from sight. A video with a dog that decided to swim in the sea began to go viral on the network. Suddenly, she … Read more

One dead dog poisoned, another is serious. The mayor closes the Ghisallo park pending checks

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SANT’ANGELO Dog puppy remains imprisoned with his head in the gate: he is freed by the firefighters

A moment of play that turns into moments of fear. He was saved by the firefighters of the local voluntary detachment in via Rozza in Sant’Angelo a puppy dog. The intervention shortly before 2 pm, in the hamlet of Maiano. The dog was playing in the yard when his head got stuck in the fence. … Read more

MUSIC Claudio Baglioni in concert on February 28 in Lodi

Culture / Praises Wednesday 11 January 2023 The artist will go on stage in the Bpl auditorium, pre-sales already open There is also Lodi among the new stops added to Claudio Baglioni’s new tour. The great artist will be in concert on February 28 at the Auditorium Tiziano Zalli Banco BPM, thus bringing the concert … Read more

«Our Chicco killed by another dog in Meleti, was our life and kept us company»

Vincenzo hardly eats anymore. And Rita can’t stop crying. «He shouldn’t have done that death there» she repeats wiping her tears, while her heart aches at the thought of their little dog Chicco being mauled by another dog in front of the house. Vincenzo Bianco and Rita Marchi are 73 and 72 years old, married, … Read more

Alien lovers: ‘Ancient alien statues’ found on Mars | NASA | Alien lovers | Mars | Ancient aliens | Aliens | Alien statues | Ancient aliens | Alien sculptures | Crawling Animals | Rover | Curiosity | Perseverance

[Voice of Hope January 6, 2023](compiled by Li Yuwei)Scott C. Waring, author of the alien hobby blog UFO Sightings Daily, claims he spotted the Large statues of ancient aliens have sparked speculation that life may exist on the red planet. According to the Daily Star report, Hua Lin carefully observed the image of the distant … Read more