Formentera increases aid to students due to the covid crisis

The government commission of the Consell de Formentera approved yesterday three proposals for granting aid related to education for a value of 93,694 euros. In addition to these annual aid, the institution has decided to take out “special subsidy lines for families affected by the crisis” of the covid, according to the Minister of Education … Read more

Concerts could return in fall 2021 if all goes well

Dr. Anthony Fauci announced this prediction at a conference organized by the Association of Performing Arts Professionals, assuming that between 70 and 85% of the population is already vaccinated. We are getting closer to power enjoy live concerts again. In Spain We have already seen that nightlife in a safe and responsible way is possible … Read more

Education in Latin America: in 1960 because of the covid? – Education – Life

The covid-19 pandemic puts Latin America at serious risk of losing the progress the region has made in recent decades in education. According to Unicef, 97 percent of children are out of the classroom in a region where social mobility from education is already low and where equal opportunities are rare. But Today’s generation of … Read more

With the increase in covid cases, what will return to school be like? – Education – Life

Between the third week of January and the first of February, the back to class in the country’s schools. A process in which the alternation model will begin to be applied (a progressive and gradual return to the classroom, without neglecting virtual classes and home schooling). (It may interest you: Will universities also return to … Read more

Afedeco asks to suspend the concerts of Sant Sebastià to avoid “last minute decisions” by COVID-19

The Employers’ Federation of Businessmen in the Balearic Commerce sector (Afedeco) has asked the Palma City Council to suspend the Sant Sebastià concerts. As reported by Afedeco, the request to Cort to reconsider the idea of ​​going ahead with the concerts planned for the festivities of the city’s patron saint, Sant Sebastià, has been made … Read more

Oriental recipe / The strategy to avoid the disaster of the contagion

Do you know how a thermostat works? Is simple. You set the temperature you want, for example 19 degrees. A detector measures the ambient temperature and, when it exceeds 19 degrees, turns off the heating; when it goes below 19 degrees it turns it back on. The same thing happens with a refrigerator you want … Read more

Covid raises drug spending to a record 732 million

The year closed with at least 1,000 million in disbursement, of which 47 million are related to the pandemic. Non-prescription spending is the one that has skyrocketed the most as a result of the virus with 23% year-on-year. The accumulated spending on drugs and medical supplies skyrocketed during 2020, mainly due to the fight against … Read more

The Covid school and concerts

The obvious challenge for 2021 will be the development of the Lomloe and, landed in the Valencian reality, what decisions will the Department make in the renewal of the educational concerts already underway. The first attempt to reduce them in Baccalaureate ended up defeated in the courts. Another not so obvious challenge begins with the … Read more

different concerts in the New Year Covid

AGI – The conductor Daniel Harding in black mask already excited to enter the La Fenice theater imitated by orchestra and choir, Riccardo Muti with his face uncovered in the Musikverein like all the musicians of the Vienna Philharmonic. Between Venice and Vienna, at a distance of one hour and ten, the viewers connected first … Read more

Olevano Romano, Covid does not block the Christmas concert.

Umberto Quaresima: “Art and Culture are the pillars of our community that no pandemic can ever stop. I am sure that we will soon return to experience moments like this again, together, we will return to attend live music concerts, perhaps in our new municipal theater “ By EVENTS Agency – – Sunday, December … Read more