Malaga: Carretera de Cádiz celebrates Christmas with children’s parties, concerts and nativity scene contests

ON The District’s parks will host most of the activities that include homage to the elderly and Three Kings parties. ON Tuesday, December 7, 2021, 1:00 p.m. The Cádiz road councilor, Luis Verde, has announced the range of activities that are launched on these dates to celebrate Christmas in the neighborhoods of the District. The … Read more

Parades, workshops, concerts and theater, proposals for this Christmas

The playful Christmas program proposes various activities. This year brings some news and solidarity with those affected by the La Palma volcano stands out. Next Saturday, coinciding with the Family Christmas Market and the second-hand market, there will be a parade with Santa Claus, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. The following day the Choir … Read more

Murcia will install violet points in concerts and in the Zig Zag during Christmas

The Murcia City Council, through the Department of Equality, Youth and Development Cooperation, will install during these Christmas holidays seven ‘Violet Points’ in different places where they will be developed concerts, as well as in the Zig Zag leisure center on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Evemunicipal sources reported in a statement. Under the slogan … Read more

Concert dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the Battle of Moscow was held in Podolsk – Culture

RIAMO (PODOLSK) – December 6. The concert “Let us carry the feat into the heart”, dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the Battle of Moscow, was held at the Nadezhda SDK in Podolsk, military songs were sounded there, the press service of the district administration reports. Representatives of labor collectives, residents of the village, veterans, … Read more

The mythical Jai Alai hall in Huesca recovers rock concerts

Rock returns to the mythical Jai Alai lounge of Huesca that already treasures 65 years of history. The sorrow Joy Laurentina has scheduled for this Tuesday, December 7th, the concert of five groups from Huesca (Hexagonal Soul, T4TR, TToro, Kardillaks and Flores & McEwen) to support local artists. It will be the first of a … Read more

EVENING BOXES University Orchestra Bern: Concerts in the fall semester

Additional tickets are available at the box office. Please do not appear too close to the concert. Look forward to a unique concert evening with the University Orchestra Bern under the direction of Piero Lombardi Iglesias. Immerse yourself in concert fun with “Sadko” by N. Rimskij-Korsakov. You will then be enchanted by Christoph Croisé (violoncello) … Read more

The PP asks for “freedom” to be able to do concerts in bars “without disturbing” the neighbors

Representatives of the PP of Gijón with musicians in the cafeteria. Yesterday, the Popular Party demanded “freedom” to be able to do concerts in hospitality establishments as long as these performances “do not bother the neighbors.” Currently, regional regulations do not allow live music in bars. The president of the PP, Pablo González, the municipal … Read more