Verbania Musica concerts are back

The inaugural concert will be held on Sunday at the Teatro Maggiore The events center Il Maggiore hosts the concert season promoted by the Verbania Musica association. Sunday 28 November at 5 pm the inaugural concert with Maestro Marco Battaglia in “When Mazzini played the guitar” is scheduled. The music festival consists of 8 other … Read more

Coronavirus. Record of deaths in Russia. Vladimir Putin ordered a week off from work

There were also 37,678 infections in the last 24 hours. Russia has been struggling with a new wave of the pandemic since June, caused by the emergence of more aggressive variants of the coronavirus, failure to comply with epidemic restrictions and great difficulties in the vaccination campaign. The death rate in Russia has now reached … Read more

A strange situation regarding the sponsor for the hall in Puławy. They met to sign a contract, but did not sign it

According to the invitation sent out by the City Hall of Puławy, the “sponsorship agreement was officially signed” on Friday during the meeting. – As a result of its signing, Grupa Azoty SA will obtain the title of the titular sponsor of the sports and entertainment hall – said Łukasz Kołodziej, the head of the … Read more

the easy recipe that surprises and that is prepared in ten minutes

A plate of pasta can be a success, but only if it is done well. Just cooking and combining the ingredients to achieve a unique flavor and texture requires dedication and expertise. This week Roberto Bosquet, Chief Bosquet, proposes in ABC Bienestar the challenge of preparing, following the step by step shown in the video … Read more

Cyril Lignac’s secrets for a caramel that does not crystallize

Lou, who lives in Boulogne-Billancourt explains that she cannot cook Cyril Lignac’s caramel and therefore needs to know the basics of this recipe to achieve it. “To prevent it from crystallizing, you must already make a caramel and clean your pan well, because it is often the small impurities that crystallize the caramel “, indicates … Read more

Recipe: Fish tacos breaded with cod dough

Fish tacos are a native dish from the Port of Ensenada in Baja California Mexico. This type of taco began to be prepared in the 1970s. It was mainly prepared by grilling the fish until consumers began to ask for the fried fish. The meat used is that of a shark known as Angelito, which … Read more

Recipe: Japanese Almond Cookies

If something cannot be missing from kitchen cabinets, it is cookies. There are a wide variety of recipes to make cookies of different flavors and preparing them as a family is a good pastime. This time we will show you what you need to create some Japanese-style almond cookies. Almonds are good for the heart, … Read more

Education: in Kellé, President Bazoum visited the first boarding school for young girls

The President of the Republic Mohamed Bazoum visited this Monday, August 30, 2021, the boarding school for young girls of Kellé located in the department of Gouré (Zinder region). This is the first establishment of its kind that the Head of State has undertaken to generalize in all regions of the country in order to … Read more

Cyril Lignac’s advice for an original and crunchy chocolate mousse

Aurélie, who lives in the Paris region, would like an original version of chocolate mousse. “The advantage of chocolate mouse, is that you can do a little what you want: with dark chocolate, cut with white chocolate, hazelnut paste or with chocolate shavings “, starts Cyril Lignac. For its recipe, it is necessary 125g white … Read more

Instant ramen: A delicious and viral recipe that you can make at home

Social media has popularized a number of sweet and savory recipes in recent times. Each of them have a special meaning and that is that they are delicious and very easy to prepare at home. For this reason, instant Ramen could not be left out, since in addition to being widely consumed by those who … Read more