Naxos-June 2021 2nd release New music information (6 titles) –TOWER RECORDS ONLINE

This time, the world’s first recorded Mir’s opera “Elena”, Malcolm Arnold, who celebrated the 100th anniversary of his birth in 2021, will be included in the orchestral works of the Czech female composer Kapra Lover (1915-1940) by Keithler & Shigan University Hibiki. 6 CD titles including the world’s first recordings such as Arnold’s best album … Read more

Roy Hargrove & Mulgrew Miller | Resonance Records releases valuable unreleased live recording “In Harmony”

Another valuable unreleased live sound source is on sale from Resonance Records! Roy Hargrove and Mulgrew Miller. Two jazz giants who died while being missed together. You can listen to the album “In Harmony”, which contains the precious duo concert, and the play of two gods who are too beautiful. Roy Hargrove (October 16, 1969-November … Read more

1000% subjective love melody spelled by V6 fans of Tower Records Online –TOWER RECORDS ONLINE

In response to the sudden announcement, I was wondering if I could do something to “enjoy” the remaining time with the fans as well as V6 …I am allowed to write an article like this.From this time, I would like to divide it into 3 times and feature a birthday member + 1 person, so … Read more

La Folle Journée de Nantes will be held from May 28 to 30 in a suitable form

The classical music festival will offer 24 concerts, compared to the usual 300. The 9,300 tickets – against more than 100,000 usually – will go on sale on the festival site on May 21 at 6 p.m. The 27th edition of the classical music festival La Folle Journée will be held from May 28 to … Read more

Mamoru Miyano releases single “Transparent” MV singing in an unmanned concert hall | OKMusic

Mamoru Miyano released the music video for the 21st single “Transparent” released on May 26th. The theme of the music video is “resonance”. Mamoru Miyano and the concert troupe standing on the stage of an unmanned concert hall delicately play the music. Although it has not been realized now, with a view to the future … Read more

Including 9 ECM eternal masterpieces JAZZ12 titles appeared –TOWER RECORDS ONLINE

Keith Jarrett “The Köln Concert”One of the pinnacles of genius piano player Keith Jarrett, the best-selling ECM label in history. A legendary record of a completely improvised solo concert with the ultimate beauty in melody, harmony and rhythm. A masterpiece that goes beyond the boundaries of jazz and should be heard by all music fans.New … Read more

All first sound sources! “Wurzburg Mozart Music Festival 100th Anniversary BOX” (6 discs) –TOWER RECORDS ONLINE

First appearance of all 6 CDs! A surprising gift from the Mozart Festival, which boasts one of Germany’s most traditional traditions. Includes selected performances from the 1950s to 2020. 5198170:R The Würzburg Mozart Music Festival is an annual music festival held in Würzburg, Bavaria, Germany, which is the northern starting point of the Romantic Road.Founded … Read more

The Noel & Liam Gallagher brothers participated in the production. OASIS to release feature-length documentary film for Knebworth in August 1996 in the UK –TOWER RECORDS ONLINE

Photo by Stefan De Batselier In August 1996, OASIS staged one of Britain’s most prestigious rock and roll events. It was an era-defining concert that will remain in the memory of 250,000 fans for a lifetime. On May 11th (local time), OASIS announced that the event would be eternal on screen with the release of … Read more

Yasuhiko Shiozawa & Tokyo Wind Orchestra- “Onko Chishin II Symphonic Poem” Pines of Rome “” –TOWER RECORDS ONLINE

The second in the series! A number of timeless masterpieces. The mature approach of master Yasuhiko Shiozawa and the tag of Tobuki are a must-listen! 5198047:R The blissful sound of the mature sensibility of master Yasuhiko Shiozawa. “At the same time as I’m familiar with old songs, I’m very attracted to the new discoveries there. … Read more

Bach by recorder and lute! Dorote Overlinger & Edin Karamazov- “Bach: Dialogue” –TOWER RECORDS ONLINE

Bach music dialogue between recorder and lute by Oberlinger & Karamazov 5196346:R He won the 1997 SRP / Mech International Competition, made his debut at Wigmore Hall, and has appeared in numerous European music festivals and concert series. ! Its flexibility, brilliance and energy are more than just! “This latest album portrays Bach’s sound world … Read more