“70 Students from Volgograd Region Technical Schools and Colleges to Receive Government Scholarships for 2023-2024 Academic Year”

Scholarships of the Government of the Russian Federation in the 2023-2024 academic year will be received by 70 students from 19 technical schools and colleges in the Volgograd Region, including Volga students. As reported by Bloknot Volzhsky with reference to the press service of the regional education committee, the scholarship will amount to 2,000 to … Read more

A pack of chipped dogs almost tore apart a one-year-old child in Volzhsky

On May 6, a local resident Ekaterina A. turned to the editorial office of Bloknot Volzhsky. The woman told how a pack of dogs attacked her and her one-year-old child, but, fortunately, everything worked out. – We were returning from the children’s polyclinic, walked along Olomoutskaya street between the children’s and adult clinics. Suddenly, from … Read more

In the vicinity of Volzhsky, a raccoon was released after rehabilitation: video

In Volzhsky, on May 1, after the rehabilitation of three raccoon dogs, they were released into the wild in the vicinity of Volzhsky. The raccoon dog is a permanent inhabitant of the Volgograd region. The animal is a mammal and belongs to the Canine family. Raccoon dogs are about the size of ordinary small dogs. … Read more

Volga schools started concerts by March 8: photo

In Volzhsky, on March 7, concerts dedicated to the celebration of International Women’s Day have already begun in city schools. For beloved teachers, mothers and grandmothers in most schools in the city, students prepared festive performances. On this day, the photojournalist visited one of these concerts at school No. 10 in our city. The program … Read more

Scandal with an official when issuing a scholarship to a medalist from Volgograd was filmed

This week, on January 16, Alexey from Volgograd, together with his 18-year-old son, came to the building of the Volgograd Education Committee at the invitation to receive the nominal scholarship due to the guy. He graduated from high school with honors, with a gold medal, and is eligible for payments, his father claims. The receipt … Read more

How a street dog got a booth and became a defender of the yard in Volzhsky

On January 13, Bloknot Volzhsky correspondent talked to Marina Ivanova, a city dweller (ed. note: name changed), who told a rather touching story about a yard dog. The locals, unlike the majority, are not afraid and do not persecute, but accept it as their own. And she, in response, began to protect the yard from … Read more