Unterroth: The dog Foxi has practically circled the world on a motorcycle

52 minutes ago Plus Ulrich Schumacher rides a trike on which there is also a place for his wife, Foxi, the dog. The animal turned the life of the Unterroth upside down. from Regina Langhans Without Foxi goes out in the life of the Schumacher Unterroth nothing more. When they took the dog in with … Read more

Listen – “Chipsis and Dullais” with the song “Sorting time” invites to think about environmental sustainability

“The time of divorce” makes one think about how environmentally friendly we are in our habits on a daily basis. In fact, it can also be compared to human relationships. Although the word “divorce” is most often associated with negativity and loss, it is not always the case. “Separation, just like sorting, is a must. … Read more

LIVE TEXT: Riga’s “Dinamo” in Helsinki will try to return to the path of success against the strong “Jokerit”

Riga “Dinamo” in Helsinki against the strong “Jokerit” will try to return to the path of success VIDEO: “Jokerit” eighth gate 18:26 Game statistics 18:26 “Jokers” – “Dynamo” 8: 0 (3: 0, 4: 0, 1: 0) Metieni 66-31. throws in the goal frame 31-20, throws 37-14, blocked throws 3-19, force techniques 8-16, penalty minutes 12-8. … Read more

New in the data centre: How large is the automotive industry’s chip need?

Opel closes its plant in Eisenach for the relaxation of the calendar year, Mercedes sales collapse by 30 %, at the VW mum or dad plant in Wolfsburg, much less cars could be built this calendar year than only 3 stories from quite a few from the past number of months considering the fact that … Read more

LIVE TEXT: Riga “Dinamo” guests will try to revenge against Cherepovets “Severstall”

Guests of Riga “Dinamo” will try to revenge against Cherepovets “Severstal” Continuation of the season in Helsinki 21:54 Riga’s “Dinamo” will play the next game on October 24 in Helsinki against “Jokerit”. The game starts at 4 p.m. In the tournament table: 21:52 “Severstal” rose to eighth place after winning tonight. Game over 21:51 “Severstal” … Read more

Car on the move without registration and insurance

Wadern (dpa) – The police in northern Saarland are looking for clues as to who drives a car without registration and liability insurance. Patrolmen in Wadern in the Merzig-Wadern district noticed a black car with a Luxembourg license plate, which had been out of service since the end of June, but was “improperly driven on … Read more

“Help us protect your life” Doctors are addressing the public with a touching video

“Dear Colleagues, Dear Nation, We, Latgale Regional Center of the Emergency Medical Service, call on all residents to listen and observe the restrictions set by the country. Help us protect your life. Ladies and gentlemen, at this difficult time, we must be united and strong, able to support each other. I know and believe that … Read more

Ostapenko withdraws from the Moscow WTA in the third set of the first round match

In the match with German tennis player Andrei Petkovič, the result after two sets was 6-2, 0-6, but in the third set with the result 0-2 Ostapenko withdrew from the tournament. Ostapenko is in 30th place in the WTA rank, but Petkovich is in 79th place. Stopping in the first round, Ostapenko closed the tournament … Read more

Economists receive the Nobel Prize for important life experiments

All three laureates work in US universities – Canadian Kard at the University of California, Berkeley, US and Israeli dual citizen Angrist – Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Dutch and US dual citizen Imbens – Stanford University. A new approach They “have given us a new understanding of the labor market and shown what conclusions about … Read more

Listen – Markus Riva offers a new song

Despite the name, the single’s message, typical of Mark, is optimistic and hopeful – no tears are destined to last forever. The song was made in collaboration with Ukrainian composer Igor Tatarenko, filming for a TV show in Kiev, and is another journalist of the upcoming Riva album in Latvian. “I really hope that very … Read more