Animals – animals on board: prepare your trip with your dog and cat well – company

Berlin (dpa / tmn) – When it comes to relaxing by the sea or in the mountains, many also want their pet with them. Whether it’s a car or a plane: To ensure that everything runs smoothly on the trip, good preparation is the be-all and end-all, according to the experts from the World Animal … Read more

Dog monitors Viennese when cleaning their cars for gas station readers

A was discovered at a gas station in Vienna-Floridsdorf “Today”– Reader reporter how a man cleaned his car while his dog was taking care of him. How cute! On Sunday afternoon, a Viennese was washing his car at a petrol station on Brünner Strasse while his dog was waiting next to him on the leash. … Read more

Dogs in a hot car: when can you break the window? – Panorama

What are rescuers allowed to do? On Twitter, the Stuttgart police first appealed to the owners’ sense of responsibility: “Please do not leave any animals / people in cars,” it says in view of the hot days. Anyone who nevertheless notices a dangerous situation should dial “the emergency number immediately”. The lawyer Andreas Ackenheil, who … Read more

From September 1st, car racers face a fine of up to € 5,000 – politics

Transport Minister Gewessler brought her speeder package through the Council of Ministers. The penalties for speeding offenders are now drastically increased. “With 110 in the 30s zone, with 250 on the autobahn, the car becomes a weapon.” Minister Gewessler locates a “problem with extreme rages” in Austria. Even if there are only “a few unteachable … Read more

In honor of the Day of Russia, actions, concerts and flash mobs are held in the country // Watch

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken also congratulated the Russians on the state holiday. In honor of the Day of Russia, solemn events, festive events, concerts and flash mobs are held throughout the country today. US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken congratulated the Russians on the state holiday. He also pointed to the desire of … Read more

The new Multivan is even closer to cars. Volkswagen is once again targeting large families

The Volkswagen Multivan pays for one of the icons and standards of the world of large passenger vans. His new generation thus raises many expectations and the German model will want to meet them. For the first time, Multivan uses the same platform as Golf or Octavia, offers a range of modern assistance systems and … Read more

Deadly trap: Cars turn into ovens for dogs from just 20 degrees

Every year dogs die excruciatingly in hot cars. Many pet owners are not aware that just a few minutes from an outside temperature of 20 degrees Celsius are enough to turn the car into a deadly trap. The interior of the car can quickly heat up to over 50 degrees Celsius when the temperature rises. … Read more

UAZ Baikal is a VW California in the Russian way. You can already buy a residential buchanka in the Czech Republic

You can find several motorhomes derived from vans on the Czech market, the standard in this class is undoubtedly Volkswagen California. For those who, however, prefer slightly better driving characteristics in the field, an interesting alternative is now coming. The Czech importer AMC was able to homologate UAZ 2206 Baikal, so for less than 700 … Read more

PHOTO: Ministry of Defense intends to buy Turkish battle drones “Bayraktar TB2”

In addition, Pabriks also visited the Turkish private defense technology developer “Baykar”, which, among other things, also manufactures military unmanned aerial vehicles “Bayraktar TB2”. In the Ministry of Defense, explained that the Ministry is currently considering the possibility of purchasing such drones for the needs of the National Armed Forces (NAF), and the offer … Read more