A Case for Males – Season 2, Episode 13

There is a theft in a girls’ boarding school near Neuchâtel and the management wants to deal with the matter as discreetly as possible. When she turns to Männdli, he finds: dormitories with nothing but six-year-old girls – no, that’s not for me. But he didn’t count on his housekeeper Rosa. Ein Fall für Männdli … Read more

‘The dog and I’ on ARD in the stream and…rzfilm

Today, September 25th, 2022, shows the feature film “The Dog and I” by Mairead Hamilton on TV. You can also read here when you should tune in, whether there is a live stream online and when the strip will be repeated again.The film “The Dog and I” will be shown on TV today, September 25th, … Read more

Dog, cat, bird – which pet is right for me?

Many children at some point wish to have a pet. In and of itself, that’s not a bad thing. The children lose their fear of animals – and have to learn to take responsibility for their darling, to be considerate and to communicate. However, one should not fulfill their wish for their own animal too … Read more

Concert tickets of the German Radio Philharmonic

General ticket sales for selected DRP concerts in Saarbrücken begin on Saturday, August 27 at 10 a.m. Tickets can be purchased in the DRP shop in Musikhaus Knopp (Futterstraße 4, Saarbrücken, telephone: 0681-9 880 880), from the Proticket hotline: 0231-917 22 90 and at www.proticket.de. Concert subscriptions are available from the DRP subscription management ([email protected]). … Read more

Dognapping: How to protect yourself and your pet from dog kidnapping

Dog owners know it: “Dogs have to stay outside.” No problem, then the four-legged friends are leashed in front of the supermarket, bakery and the like. Nothing will happen – or will it? According to the organization Doglost, which operates a database for missing dogs, dog thefts have increased by 250 percent in Great Britain … Read more