Part of Evolution, Archaeologists Find Dragon-Man Skull

Illustration of a skull. (Pixabay/ Devanath) – An ancient human skull found in the east of the China Sea has finally been researched by archaeologists. Based on the results of the study, this skull was then referred to as Homo Longi or Dragon Man. Having a fairly large size, the Dragon Man skull is … Read more

Archaeologists have discovered a new theropod dinosaur fossil that once preyed in complete darkness | Dinosaur fossils | Archaeologists

Original title: Archaeologists newly discovered a theropod dinosaur fossil that once preyed in complete darkness. Source: cnBeta.COM Modern birds live in almost all habitats on the planet, and only a few birds are adaptable, allowing them to hunt active prey at night. Birds are derived from a group of dinosaurs called theropods.Scientists have long wondered … Read more

78,000 years old, Africa’s oldest tomb belongs to a young child – The grave of a child from 78,000 years ago, has been revealed in the discovery of the oldest burial site in Africa. The grave of a three-year-old boy was found in a cave in Kenya. It is estimated that the tomb was made in the Middle Stone Age. In a paper in a … Read more

Found gold pieces with unique pictures, thousands of years old

Archaeologist illustration. (Shutterstock) – Swedish archaeologists found gold pieces or gold foil featuring a number of figures engraved inside. Interestingly, in this gold foil find there is a carving of a couple hugging each other, The unique figure is 1,300 years old and was found in the ruins of a large hall at the … Read more

2,000 year old mummy found with gold tongue

KAIRO, Archaeologists found a 2,000-year-old mummy with a golden tongue in its mouth in northern Egypt, the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities said. A joint Egyptian and Dominican team working at Alexandria’s Taposiris Magna temple found 16 burials in stone graves that were popular in the Greek and Roman eras. Inside there are a number … Read more