Dean Fujioka x Takanori Iwata “Baskerville’s Dog”, New Visual Lifting to Move Your Heart / June 24, 2022 Page 1 –Movie-News

From the movie “Baskerville Family Dog Sherlock Theatrical Version” starring actor Dean Fujioka, the latest visual featuring Dean and co-star Takanori Iwata has been unveiled as a digital poster. [Video]Trailer for “Baskerville’s Dog Sherlock Theatrical Version” This work is based on the world-famous detective novel “Sherlock Holmes” series, and in the fiscal year ending October … Read more

Shingo Katori “Don’t Eat Dogs, Charlie Laughs”, Kai Inowaki, Koji Matoba and Other Individuals Co-starring Cast Announcement / June 23, 2022 Page 1 –Movie –News

The movie “Dog also eats but Charlie laughs” starring actor Shingo Katori and co-starring actress Yukino Kishii will be released on September 23rd. At the same time, it was announced that Kai Inowaki, Koji Matoba, Hidekazu Mashima, Kitaro, Miyoko Asada, Kimiko Yo and others will appear as co-starring casts. [Photo]Shingo Katori, interview shot This work, … Read more

The movie “Don’t Eat Dogs, but Charlie Laughs” starring Shingo Katori, the theme song is never young beach / June 10, 2022 Page 1 –Movie –News

The theme song of the movie “Dog also eats but Charlie laughs” starring actor Shingo Katori and co-starring actress Yukino Kishii has been decided as the new song “Kokoro no Mama ni” by never young beach. In addition to the theme song, member Yuma Abe is also in charge of the insert song “Akarui Mirai” … Read more

Kei Tanaka “I was healed by Howe’s pureness” A heartwarming scene photo of the gorgeous cast and protection dog “Howe” released / June 9, 2022 Page 1 –Movie –News

From the movie “How” co-starring actor Kei Tanaka and actor dog Beck, a heartwarming new scene photo of Tamio Tanaka, Howe played Beck, and the people around them has arrived. [Photo]A scene photo of the happy daily life “How” of “two people” who are always together This work, which is a live-action adaptation of the … Read more

Hiroko Moriguchi Concert “Starry People” | Animax with a flat rate and unlimited viewing for watching anime

■ StoryHiroko Moriguchi takes over the blockbuster album “GUNDAM SONG COVERS” series“Hiroko Moriguchi Concert” Starry People “” will be held at Showa Women’s University Hitomi Memorial Hall on May 3rd!His own Gundam song “With love to the water star” “ETERNAL WIND ~ Smile is in the shining wind ~”,In addition to the Gundam songs covered … Read more

“Sun and Bolero” Keita Machida and others struggle with a professional orchestra!Making video lifted / June 2, 2022 Page 1 –Movie –News

From the movie “Taiyo to Bolero” directed by actor Yutaka Mizutani and starring actress Rei Dan, a making-of video showing Keita Machida and other cast members struggling to shoot a performance scene without dubbing. Was lifted. [Video]Movie “Sun and Bolero” Making Video The third film directed by Yutaka Mizutani is an entertainment work based on … Read more

Dean Fujioka and Takanori Iwata, who play the role of Buddy, said, “The technology to tickle maternal instinct has evolved.” / May 12, 2022 Page 1 –Movie –News

Actors Dean Fujioka and Takanori Iwata will be on stage at the “Baskerville Family Dog Sherlock Movie Version” completion debriefing session held in Tokyo on the 12th. The two buddy teams revealed their impressions of co-starring for the first time in a while. [Photo]Dean & Gan-chan, good friends during the talk This work is based … Read more

Dean Fujioka x Takanori Iwata challenges sub-audio in rebroadcast of drama “Sherlock” / May 4, 2022 Page 1 –Movie –News

Takanori Iwata, who co-starred with Dean Fujioka in the 7th episode of the drama “Sherlock Untold Stories,” which will be rebroadcast to commemorate the release of the movie “Baskerville’s Dog Sherlock Theatrical Version,” will be the sub-audio project. It was announced that it would be a challenge. [Photo]Dean Fujioka, Takanori Iwata, Hiroshi Nishitani, who challenged … Read more

Abitur exams started for around 35,000 Bavarian students – BuradaBiliyorum.Com

The Abitur examinations began for around 35,000 young people in Bavaria on Wednesday. “Our students have achieved a great deal over the past two years and have been preparing diligently for the Abitur exams over the past few weeks,” emphasized Minister of Education Michael Piazolo (Free voters) and wished the graduating candidates good luck. The … Read more

Cute magical animals struggle for Newts! “Fantastic Beasts and the Secret of Dumbledore” Main Video / April 7, 2022 Page 1 –Movie –News

From the latest movie in the Wizarding World series, “Fantastic Beasts and the Secrets of Dumbledore,” the main story shows how cute magical animals loved by the main character, the magical zoologist Newt (Eddie Redmayne), struggle to save Newt. The video has been lifted. [Video]Special video of the movie “Fantastic Beasts and the Secret of … Read more