Bernard Challandes: “An extraordinary adventure with Kosovo”

The announcement surprised more than one but not the main one concerned. Bernard Challandes knew his days were numbered at the head of the Kosovo national team. The Neuch芒tel coach was dismissed from his post on Wednesday. A decision following the defeat of his selection against Georgia on Tuesday night in the qualifiers for the … Read more

The urban wanderings of Francis Al每s at the MCBA in Lausanne

The Cantonal Museum of Fine Arts (MCBA) in Lausanne offers until January 16, 2022 to stroll through the city with the contemporary artist Francis Al每s. The exhibition ‘As Long as I’m Walking’ presents an overview of his video work focused on the practice of walking. ‘Through his seemingly innocuous wanderings, Francis Al每s not only thinks … Read more

24. Kuh – KiKA

In the “I know an animal” story, a whale is very sad. Because he is so big, no animal dares go near him. But when the whale swims to the surface, it gets to know a bird that handles its size very differently. And finally the sea creatures also lose their shyness. .

Dog steals bone from sleeping buddy

| To share on Facebook | Tweeter <!– | Tweeter –> | Epingler Reader : Koreus YouTube Fault – You like the site, display the ads 馃檪 Code embed <input name="link_flv" type="text" value="A dog steals the bone of his sleeping buddy – Unusual video “onclick =” () “readonly =” true “size =” 20 “/> … Read more

A new millionaire in the Euromillion draw

No one found the right combination at EuroMillion on Tuesday. But a player in Switzerland still found five good numbers and a star. He pockets 2,000,679.60 francs. To win, it was necessary to play the numbers 6, 13, 22, 45 and 49, as well as the stars 10 and 11. During the next draw on … Read more

Swiss Prime Site Solutions launches its first investment fund

Swiss Prime Site Solutions (SPSS), the asset management division of the eponymous real estate group recently approved by the Federal Financial Market Supervisory Authority (Finma), announced on Tuesday the launch on November 1 of its first investment fund. Called SPSS Investment Fund Commercial, the latter is a real estate fund under Swiss law intended for … Read more