[Evening]Zack Snyder, Akira Kurosawa’s new work first image / Andy Serkis “Animal Farm” visualization is an animation work / Shamaran’s latest work, shooting start | THE RIVER

THE RIVEREvening editionIn the issue, we will deliver a summary of news and topics that we would like to pay attention to, although they were not mentioned in the article of the day. Click here for the topic of April 20, 2022! Day 1 #RebelMoon. It’s begun. pic.twitter.com/1j1RDmYYTM – Zack Snyder (@ZackSnyder) April 19, 2022 … Read more

Does the CCP have no way to deal with the epidemic?Wu Jialong: Enlarged version of “Animal Farm” (Photo) United States | News United States – Watch China News Network – Overseas Chinese Historical Secrets Current Politics Focus | Liu Shimin

After being sworn in recently, the new U.S. ambassador to China, Burns, applied to the U.S. State Department for “authorized withdrawal”, setting a diplomatic precedent. Taiwan’s general economics expert Wu Jialong said that China has become an enlarged version of “animal farm”. A woman using a plastic bag as cover walks outside a Beijing train … Read more

Gallery Rebellion: Two Art Gallery inaugurates ‘Animal Farm’ with more than 40 works by 33 artists

MURCIA. Every exhibition he organizes Eva Hernandez in Murcia Two Art Gallery is in itself a revolution: for the relevance of the artists, for being exponents of new trends, for the surprising themes, for the reflections it raises … But this time, in addition, the gallery is the scene of an authentic rebellion: the starring … Read more

[Crossroads]A strange book accurately predicts nine secrets | Animal Farm | Communism

[Epoch Times February 12, 2021]Hello, everyone, this is Tang Hao, how are you today? Today is the first day of the new year. First of all, on behalf of our team, I wish you a happy new year and all the best! It’s the New Year’s Eve and the Chinese in Asia are on annual … Read more