Compromís proposes to use 1.5 million remainder in Education to double the places of infantile

ALICANTE. The municipal group of Compromís in the Alicante City Council moves token in order to use the remaining credit (unspent resources) of the Board of Nursery Schools with a proposal for the expansion of education from 0 to 3 years. It would be a matter of starting a plan for the generation of new … Read more

The Valencian Inclusion Income compensates more than 6,700 records of the Minimum Vital Income

The Generalitat Valenciana compensates through the Valencian Inclusion Income more than 6,700 files of the Minimum Vital Income of the central Government since the benefit was launched. According to data from the regional government, its services have had to modify 6,765 files to make them compatible with the Minimum Vital Income, a benefit that, on … Read more

“Whoever uses education as a political weapon should take the blame for the damage to future generations”

On February 9, the Council of Ministers approved the appointment of Encarna Cuenca (Albacete, 1958) as president of the State School Council, a position she took office a few days later. Cuenca, graduated in Fine Arts from the Polytechnic University of Valencia, has held the presidency of the Valencian School Council since 2015. Spain already … Read more

how to break the sexual division of labor from home

“Who decides that some rooms are more important than others? (…) Why do we assume from childhood certain domestic spaces as natural and normal continuations of the bodies of our mothers, aunts and grandmothers?” With an image of a kitchen, the writer María Sánchez wondered why there are spaces in homes that we naturally associate … Read more

Sabadell convenes a meeting in which González-Bueno will be ratified as CEO and will eliminate the executive functions of Oliu | Companies

Banco Sabadell has called its shareholders in an ordinary general meeting at 12 noon on Friday, March 26, in Alicante, to vote on the ratification and appointment of César González-Bueno as CEO of the entity, and a change in the bylaws to subtract executive functions from its president, Josep Oliu, as this newspaper advanced. In … Read more

90% of outbreaks occur outside Valencian educational centers

Valencian students are more contagious in non-school periods. This is the conclusion reached by the Department of Education with the Public Health data in hand. 90% of the cases are detected outside the educational centers which, according to the minister Vicent Marzà, have become “spaces for containment and detection of cases, not spaces for contagion”. … Read more

The Oscar Esplá Conservatory of Alicante signs an agreement with the monovero city council

The Oscar Esplá Conservatory of Alicante signs an agreement with the monovero city council The City Council of Monóvar has signed an agreement with the Superior Conservatory of Music “Oscar Esplá” of Alicante for the promotion of music in the population of Medio Vinalopó. The duration of this agreement will be one year and it … Read more

Alicante launches the cooking contest that promotes healthy eating and consumption habits

ALICANTE. The Department of Commerce, Hospitality, Consumption and Markets, which directs Lidia Lopez, call the cooking video contest Pencil and spoon, through the Consumer Resource Education Center (CERCA) and aimed at the groups of the city of Alicante. Due to current sanitary measures, the preparation of the recipes will be recorded on video and later … Read more