How much do you know? April 11’World Parkinson’s Day’… If your body is trembling, stiff and slow,

Daedong Hospital Manager Shin Hye-gyeong “If neglected, it causes secondary disease, and you need to be treated with constant exercise and drugs” Every April 11th is’World Parkinson’s Day’. [이미지출처=클립아트코리아] 卝蹂몃-nat [아시아경제 영남취재본부 김용우 기자] The illness suffered by Michael Jafox, the protagonist of the movie “Back To The Future,” and Ronald Reagan, the 40th president … Read more

1072 species of terrestrial vertebrates in Tibet have discovered 5 new records in China

On April 6, the Tibet Autonomous Region Forestry and Grass Work Conference was held in Lhasa. The reporter learned from the meeting that during the “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan” period, Tibet will strictly protect and restore forests, grasslands, wetlands, and desert ecosystems around the two main lines of ecological forests and grasslands and people’s livelihoods. The … Read more

Breaking the news: Zhou Huajian’s 30th Anniversary Concert will start live on Ali Planet on the 19th-Nanyang Business Daily

This article1546Words, read about4minute On October 19th, Zhou Huajian commemorated the 30th anniversary of his debut, especially the world’s only “Huajian 30 Heart Special Edition Concert” was held at the Taipei Dome. That night, Chow Huajian not only invited dozens of classic songs since his debut, but also invited Taiwanese national treasure singers, including Li … Read more