Opera in New York will pay Netrebko $ 200 thousand for the cancellation of concerts – RBC

The arbitrator ruled that Netrebko should receive $200,000 from the Metropolitan Opera for 13 canceled concerts. Anna Netrebko (Photo: Alexander Demyanchuk / TASS) An arbitrator ordered the New York Metropolitan Opera to pay Russian opera singer Anna Netrebko $200,000 for performances canceled last year amid the situation in Ukraine, reports The New York Times (NYT). … Read more

News two colleges and universities plan to merge! / 11 Chinese selected!An international list, announced / Guo Guiyi, deputy to the National People’s Congress: It is recommended that agricultural colleges and universities across the country implement targeted training for rural revitalization talents- MBAChina.com

Admissions information [Admissions Guide]2024 Jiaotong University Antai EMBA registration is in progress Southeast University 2024 MBA Application Notes Peking University Guanghua Full-time MBAThe registration system will open at 13:00 on January 1, 2023. community communication Join the[PubMed Information Bureau]all services are waiting for you in the class! Education hotspot 【Two colleges and universities, proposed to … Read more

THU 03/09: Or Linked + Dark Mimosa

Thursday March 9 at 8 p.m. See you at Grrrnd Zéro for two magnificent concerts!!Free price (recommended 5th) Dark Mimosa – powerful live droneTwo k7 players and a delay, less is more.A magnificent live that shakes the walls and vibrates the hearts. touching drone, natural drone, magic drone + Exit from the residence of the … Read more

Latvia will remember the anniversary of the beginning of the war

The end of the week, when it will be a year since the start of Russia’s hostilities in Ukraine, will be especially active near the Russian embassy – both next to it and on the neighboring square near the House of Congresses, where rallies, pickets, concerts and other events will be held, writes Diena. One … Read more

Environmental activists block London bridge, arrests

This demonstration was intended to denounce government subsidies for animal and fish production. “Where is the love in a food system that contributes to climate destruction and ecological collapse?” Animal Rebellion tweeted, arguing for a “plant-based future”. Police meanwhile announced the arrest of five activists for blocking traffic and a sixth person for assaulting a … Read more

Special action builds a safety barrier for wild animals-Enterprise-China Industry Network

Original title: Special action to build a safety barrier for wild animals Workers’ Daily-China Industry Net reporter Zhang Shiguang intern Chen Shoushuang correspondent Deng Xiaodong Xia Qiang In order to further strengthen the protection of wildlife habitat safety in the construction area, recently, Heilongjiang Longjiang Forest Industry Group Muling Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd. and the … Read more

Are the equity markets too optimistic on the question of the end of the rate hike?

The weekly editorial by Julien Bonnetouche, our passionate reader of wealth management and financial markets. In a recent article published under the title “Can inflation last longer than expected?”, I detailed the reasons why inflation could last longer than expected, with of course a possible repercussion on interest rates. ‘interests. Today, we look a little … Read more

Concept art by Jürgen Staack on Birkenstrasse

The project room in the backyard of Birkenstraße 61 is empty, the windows are closed. Only a normal kitchen clock, a pendulum clock with a gong and a glowing LED clock hang on the walls. Otherwise, a lightbulb illuminates the environment under which elderly people over the age of 60 are sitting, one senior per … Read more

the Rothschild family wants to withdraw the bank from the Stock Exchange

By Le Figaro with AFP Posted yesterday at 10:06, Update yesterday at 11:06 The family holding company, Concordia, announced on Monday its intention to file a takeover bid for the investment bank in which it holds nearly 40% of the capital. The Rothschild family’s holding company, Concordia, announced on Monday its intention to file a … Read more