Superintendent’s Weekly Update: March 21, 2022


Dear APS Family,

This Thursday, I wrap up my first visit to all 23 schools for the 42-2022 school year and look forward to sharing the highlights at this Thursday’s School Board meeting.Also, on Twitter @SuptDuran You can also follow me to view highlights of my school visits.

On Monday we released a joint statement with the school board confirming our support for LGBTQIA+ students in response to last Friday’s release. Proposed Guidelines for Virginia Schools Affecting Transgender StudentsIt is important to know that the proposed guidance is a draft and is subject to public comment prior to approval. Let us hear your voice on this issue! world The 30-day comment period will begin on Monday, March 26th. Virginia Regulated Town Hall Please visit our website.

Policy J-2 Equal Educational Opportunity for Students/Non-Discrimination and Policy Implementation Procedures J-2 PIP-2 Transgender Students Adopted in 2019, following extensive community input, remains enabled. APS will continue to treat all students with dignity and respect. Uphold our values ​​and practices that ensure equal educational opportunities.

Additional update:

  • New student progress data is now available: APS maintains two key data dashboards online. A student progress dashboard and equity profile. Both have been updated with evaluation results from the end of 2020-22.
  • SEL Student Survey Begins 25th June: APS will conduct 25 social sentiment (SEL) surveys this school year for students in grades 3-12. The aim is to identify strengths and growth areas. The fall online survey will take place from 28th to 28th. The spring survey will take place between 21st March 2023 and her 21st. Families that do not wish their students to participate must opt ​​out by 1st of March. Information about the investigation and opt-out process will be shared in a separate School Talk. email of the week.
  • Attendance: Our school is reporting an increase in the number of absent or late students this school year. This has become a challenge for schools as teachers work to make the most of every class hour. Emphasize the Importance of Regular AttendanceAttending, being prepared, and being on time are important parts of academic success. For additional resources, see Developing Attendance Habits Early and Getting Your Kids On Track in Middle and High School: Paying Attention to Attendance from Attendance Works.
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as a reminder, Monday is a public holiday as APS Recognize Happy New Year. Enjoy the long weekend!

Best regards
Dr. Francisco Durán
directed by
Arlington Public Schools

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