Oscar Ruggeri on the Madrid final: “Boca played better in the first half”


For Ruggeri, Barrios’ expulsion in the Madrid final was essential for River’s victory against Boca Source: Reuters

The panellist of

90 Minutes of Soccer


Oscar Ruggeri

, referred to the second leg of the


of the cup


2018, disputed in


, in which




by 3-1.



considered that the team of

Guillermo Barros Schelotto

He “played” better than his rival “in the first half.” In turn, the


He disagreed with his programmates, who blamed the coach for not reacting to the changes made by his rival,

Marcelo Gallardo

(in particular, the entry of Juanfer Quintero by Leonardo Ponzio).

“What does it matter to me the opponent? I have the game under control, and am I going to change because the rival, who overcame him, changes?” Asked the former soccer player. In addition, he pondered the step of the twin as coach of the Ribera club: ”

If you are going to hire a coach, and he guarantees that he will win two championships in a row and the cup final, do you hire him or not?

“argued the world champion in Mexico ’86 with the Argentina team.

Finally, the former player from San Lorenzo, Real Madrid and Logroñés, among others, considered that the expulsion of the midfielder xeneize, Wilmar Barrios, was decisive for the final result. “If Russo leaves tomorrow, and they say to the people of Boca: ‘Guillermo is coming back’, he arrives with a

70% acceptance

“he added.

Oscar Ruggeri Credit: TV capture

“I liked the teams more than these six, seven Russo games. Guillermo de Boca’s teams played very well. They went to the front. They killed you. They came to you from all sides,” he analyzed.

Sebastian Vignolo

his performance as technical director of the blue and gold team.

“Borghi is an excellent coach: he did not walk. La Volpe is excellent, but he lost a championship and could not return.

For me, Barros Schelotto can return to Boca

“he differentiated.

Finally, he took responsibility for what happened in the first game of the American final, played at the Bombonera: “Do they move from the middle, score a goal, and is it Schelotto’s fault?”



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