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Business practices criticize SPD reform plans – economics

  • Economic way Christoph Schmidt disturbs above all that older workers the unemployment benefit I according to the SPD should be allowed to move for three years.
  • The SPD sends itself, "to turn back the job market and pension policy wheel again," says Schmidt.
  • Economy Peter Bofinger says, one should proceed more cautiously with the minimum wage and first reach a minimum wage of ten euros.

For a long time SPD boss Andrea Nahles has not seen as excited as in these days. Since her Social Democrats unanimously endorsed the concept of "a new welfare state for a new era," Nahles is delighted with any criticism – if it comes from outside. That welds the SPD together again. "We have positioned ourselves," exulted Nahles: "When the others are rubbing it? Good!"

From this point of view, the SPD leader should also welcome the following fundamental criticism. It comes from the head of the so-called economics, Christoph Schmidt. For six years he has been chairman of the expert council for the assessment of the overall economic situation. As one of the Federal Government's most important economic advisors, Schmidt raises several objections to the SPD decisions – he is particularly disturbed by the fact that the duration of unemployment benefit I for older workers will be extended to almost three years in future; That's how the Social Democrats plan when employees have paid 30 years or more into unemployment insurance. Schmidt falls to a clear verdict: The SPD sends itself to "turn back the labor market and pension policy wheel back".

Politics SPD Gabriel praises social reform plans of the SPD

Gabriel praises social reform plans of the SPD

Especially the introduction of a basic pension is "long overdue". The proposals of the party chairman Nahles he calls right.

As a justification, the economy says that the "long duration of unemployment benefits" was "a problem" that had been overcome with the "labor market reforms of Agenda 2010". Until then, "that too often as a fairly adequate bridge has been abused in the pension." For an aging society, however, this is "the wrong path," says Schmidt, adding: "It seems to me that the painful experiences of the past are now completely forgotten when economic policy has still desperately sought ways, a huge base Reduce long-term unemployment. " Schmidt predicts negative consequences for old-age insurance: If the unemployment benefit is paid longer again, this could lead to "the retirement age increasing less rapidly than required by demographic change".

Bofinger considers a sudden increase in the minimum wage to be risky

Also, the "unemployment benefit Q" rejects the economy. In the future, according to the wishes of the SPD, those who "have not found a new job after three months in the ALG-I" receive this; For them, a claim to qualification is planned, that is to further training. The aid should correspond financially to the amount of unemployment benefit I, but would not count for the first twelve months and then only half of it for the duration of the unemployment allowance. For Schmidt, this is "not a convincing idea", he advises to stay with the current regulation: he thinks much of "the performance of the employment agencies, tailor-made to the skills of job seekers implement the principle of 'promoting and demanding'. In addition, so Schmidt, belong also training. However, this system would turn the SPD "upside down" if it created "future rights to a longer phase outside the labor market".

Surprisingly, Schmidt joins Peter Bofinger at this point, he too is one of the five economies. However, Bofinger is considered to be more employee-friendly, which is why he and Schmidt are often divided on labor market policy issues. But also Bofinger warns the SPD: With the unemployment benefit Q is to be paid attention to "that one does not keep the people too long in qualifications", these are "often not particularly well". Bofinger warns: It is important that the training takes place in "qualified" facilities, "so that you do not plunge people into misfortune, otherwise they spend somewhere two years and have not learned anything reasonable."

Also to the SPD demand to raise the minimum wage from today's 9.19 to twelve euros, Schmidt and Bofinger combines a critical attitude. Bofinger finds the current minimum wage "clearly too low." He would "try to reach ten euros faster". He recommends cautious approach. "Now ad hoc to go to twelve euros," he considers "risky." Schmidt also warns: "The past few years have been a period of favorable economic conditions, but this need not remain so." The assessment that, even at a level of twelve euros, there would be no negative effects, he could "not understand in the face of the effect of wage increases on employment – well meant is not equally well done."

But then the commonality of the two wise men ends. Unlike Schmidt, Bofinger welcomes the SPD plan to extend the duration of unemployment benefits. He says, "I think it's right that the unemployment allowance takes into account how long people have paid in and trying to cushion the crash in Hartz IV." In any case, Bofinger believes that "success stories, how great Hartz IV worked, are completely covered". There is "a lot of folklore". Andrea Nahles will like to hear that, especially from the mouth of an economist who contradicts another economist.

Work and Social It's time to tax companies higher

It's time to tax companies higher

The ideas of the SPD for the reform of the welfare state have explosive power. Businesses need help because they have made a great profit over the past 15 years.Comment by Cerstin Gammelin


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