Nearly 4,000 children receive additional education in Feodosia

Two additional education centers of the city, the Central Children’s Center and Intellect, provide coverage for 3,939 children and adolescents in 253 groups and circles of various kinds, including through networking with schools.

Directly in general educational institutions, there were 185 groups of circles and sections of various directions – technical, artistic, socio-pedagogical, natural science, physical culture and sports, tourist and local history. On the basis of preschool institutions – 18 circles. Focus: tourism and local history, socio-pedagogical, in the field of physical culture and sports, in the field of arts, according to general developmental programs.
As of the beginning of the academic year, additional education covered 77.7% of the city’s students aged 5 to 18 years. In order to implement personalized financing of additional education for children, build networking in the field of additional education for children, coordinate activities and provide methodological support to institutions implementing additional general education programs, a municipal support center for additional education of children began to function on the basis of the Center for Children’s Creativity.
A navigator for additional education programs for children has been created, which will provide comprehensive information for children, adolescents and parents about programs, and help parents choose areas for the development of children.
In the 2021-2022 academic year, all educational organizations have implemented upbringing programs developed by general educational institutions in accordance with federal and regional recommendations. The students were involved in a wide variety of activities within the framework of civic, patriotic, spiritual and moral, aesthetic, physical, labor, environmental education, including through extracurricular activities at school, participation in clubs, sports sections, creative teams based on schools and centers of additional education of children, participation in a wide variety of events, projects organized by the Russian movement of schoolchildren.

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Summer camps in the city

Educational work was continued during the summer rehabilitation of children. So, in 14 schools of the city for 553 children summer thematic playgrounds were organized, on the basis of 6 educational institutions 361 schoolchildren were improved in day camps, 884 gifted children, children of privileged categories were sent to children’s health camps in Crimea and 54 more were sent from September 1.

photo from the archive of the newspaper “Victory”

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