For the first time in history, two women go together to the space Science | society


Moscow, February 21 – AIF Moscow.

During a press conference at the Cosmonauts Training Center, which is dedicated to the launch of the spacecraft Soyuz MS-12, it was announced that in 2019 the very first joint launch of two women would take place in space.

According to RIA Novosti, her compatriot Ann McClain will be the partner of an American Christina Cook. The first woman to capture the open space in 1984 was Svetlana Savitskaya, since then there have been no purely female crews who have left the station.

The launch of the MS-12 Union is scheduled for March 14th. The Russian Alexei Ovchinin and the American Nick Haig, who did not get the ISS because of the crash of the Soyuz FG launch vehicle, and the American Christina Cook, go to space. They will make the company for the members of the 58th expedition, including Oleg Kononenko, Ann MacLaine and David Saint-Jacques, who reside on the ISS.

The flight of the "Union" lasts 203 days. For Ovchinin this is the second expedition and for Haig and Cook – the first. In the flight program – scientific experiments, spacewalks, mooring with cargo ships.

Recall that in October 2018, Soyuz-FG could not be brought into space Soyuz MS-10 spaceship with a new crew of the ISS. The cause of the accident became an errormade when mounting a rocket.