Drunk he entered the supermarket on horseback because the animal “wanted bread” | Chronicle

In a supermarket The variety of unusual situations that can happen is not very great, that is to say, it is not the ideal place to find surprises, beyond some other price, a prominent product or some casual exchange with a certain neighbor. However, in this shop in the Kursk province (Russia), something happened that … Read more

CNN.co.jp: Hundreds of tarantulas and insects confiscated at the airport Suspected of smuggling Colombia

(CNN) Colombian South American officials seized hundreds of spiders and insects on the 2nd, blocking alleged attempts to smuggle insects into Europe. Officials have revealed. At least 232 tarantulas, 67 cockroaches, 9 spider eggs, an adult scorpion and 7 children were confiscated at El Dorado Airport in the capital Bogotá, according to a statement by … Read more

CNN.co.jp: Pet names also reflect Corona’s illness, and dogs’ “zoom” and “fauci” surged-(1/2)

(CNN) This year’s dog run may be flooded with puppies named “Grogu,” named after “Zoom,” “Britney,” and even the characters from the Star Wars series drama “The Mandalorian.” In the pet name ranking recently announced by the pet service introduction site “Rover.com”, it became clear that names reflecting the era of the new coronavirus and … Read more

Living in Peace, a certified non-profit organization, launches a career education program for children in orphanages | Press Release

Living in Peace (Location: Chuo-ku, Tokyo), a certified non-profit corporation that is active with the vision of “giving everyone a chance.” Is a career education program for children in orphanages. We will start providing the implementation manual for “Oshigoto Lip”. ■ Career challenges for children living in orphanagesMany children living in orphanages are forced to … Read more

climb to Kukulkán in Chichen Itzá, one of the seven wonders of the world

Those who are passionate about travel are sure not to miss one of the seven wonders of the world, and among them we can find the pyramid of Kukulkán, located in the Mayan ruins complex of Chichen Itza, in Yucatán (Mexico). This place was listed as one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World … Read more

Star Wars with an orchestra. How are movie screenings accompanied by live music

In the cinema with the whole orchestra The beginning of the 20th century is considered to be the heyday of the silent film era: then experiments with editing and special effects began, storylines, art forms and the first stories about the Tramp appeared, which quickly made Charlie Chaplin famous. The films were released on screens … Read more

Pictures of dog playing with ‘ghost dog’ go viral – LINFO.re

A disturbing video of two dogs, one of whom appears to be a ghost, has gone viral on social media. The scene is caught by the surveillance camera of a house in Melbourne (Australia), reports Cnews.Fr. Jake Demarco has decided to upload the video of his dog playing with a strange shape that strangely resembles … Read more

Renato Naula and a scholarship for golf that brings him closer to the world dream

Renato Naula Maquilon has marked an important path for the golf at Ecuador, but to continue climbing in this sporting discipline, you must begin to unlock the challenges that the future holds at the international level. Last October, the Guayaquil golfer took the gold in the South American Youth Tournament that was held in Quito, … Read more

CNN.co.jp: Protective dog with four legs amputated, successful surgery on prosthesis Russia

(CNN) In Russia, an operation was recently performed on a dog “Monica” who was protected from being injured, and prostheses were attached to four legs. Monica was also euthanized because she was seriously injured. Veterinarian Sergei Gorskov performed surgery to attach the prosthesis. Based in Novosibirsk, it has been operating on 37 animals to attach … Read more