viral video TikTok | Experts warn about the risk of the tendency to “bark at your dog” | Trends | Social networks | Mexico | nnda nnrt | STORIES

A new challenge is taking over TikTok. We refer to viral phenomenon called “bark at your dog.” However, experts in animal behavior have already raised their voices to send a warning about the risk that this challenge can cause. To date, millions of netizens put into practice this trend that they learned about thanks to … Read more

Chachi, the adorable dog who is obsessed with hiding and scaring his owner

Always is adorable to see how your dog has a very human behavior or show some intelligence by imitating you. Nevertheless, can become repetitive when you do it over and over again because he loves his owner’s reaction. That’s what happens to Chachi, this poodle from Sydney (Australia) that has found his favorite hobby: hiding … Read more

Viral Video of Dutch People Showing Traditional Games, Indonesian Netizens Are Shocked – Recently, a viral video on Tiktok, a woman from the Netherlands, showed several traditional games that have drawn reactions from Indonesian netizens. Why? Check out the full explanation here. The South Korean Netflix series, Squid Game, is still a topic of conversation on social media. The drama starring Lee Jung Jae features a … Read more

Cheetah jumps into vehicle; Young woman taking selfie! (Video)

വAnimals, however, are interesting to us, but we do not have the courage to stand by them. If animals are in their natural habitat, we can never predict how they will behave. Then what about taking selfies with them. That too with a cheetah. Such a video has now gone viral. This stunning view is … Read more

Today’s viral video | Time traveler who claims to come from the year 2714 warns about three catastrophic events in September | TikTok | Trends | Trends | Curiosities | nnda nnrt | LOCOMUND

Updated on 09/07/2021 04:26 pm Aery Yormany he is a self proclaimed “time Traveler” claiming to come from the year 2714 and recently revealed several “Key dates” for humanity in September of which there is to be aware. In more than one video viral shared on your account @aesthetictimewarper on TikTok, your predictions about “Important” … Read more

Mowed by a scooter as he crosses with his little daughter in his arms [VIDEO CHOC] – News

The images coming from the United Kingdom are chilling images, where the footage taken by a video surveillance circuit is making the rounds of the web. A man is seen holding a small girl who is crossing the road when, at great speed, a scooter arrives and overwhelms them both. In a fraction of a … Read more

Necessity is the mother of invention, Pakistani minister cutting a ribbon at inauguration of a store with his teeth! Video Viral | Viral Video: കത്രിക ഇല്ലെങ്കിലെന്താ, പല്ലുണ്ടല്ലോ, കടിച്ചു മുറിയ്ക്കാം … !! Pakistan minister’s bandage goes viral .. !!

Islamabad: The Pakistani minister’s “ribbon-cutting” shop inauguration has gone viral on social media. The minister came up with the idea when he could not cut the ribbon with the scissors provided by the organizers. Instead of scissors, the minister cut the ribbon with his teeth and inaugurated the shop. Faizul Hasan Chohan is a Pakistani … Read more

The bride wears a lehenga that is not taken off on the wedding day; Weight 100 kg !! വീഡിയോ കണ്ട് അന്തംവിട്ട് സോഷ്യൽ മീഡിയ – pakistani bride wearing a whopping 100 kg lehenga viral video

We have seen many different types of brides coming to the wedding but now there is a variety of brides. On the wedding day especially the girls wear very beautiful dresses and she is getting ready to be the most beautiful on that day. Many sew clothes months before the wedding. Many people think about … Read more

Viral Video Bus Action ‘Oleng’ in Kuningan, Police Hands Down

Brass – A video showing the dangerous actions of a bus driver has gone viral on social media. The video was uploaded by the Instagram account @dashcam_owners_indonesia on Sunday (1/8). As seen Monday (2/8/2021), the viral video shows the bus deliberately zig-zagging as if wobbling. Even though at that time, the ‘shaky’ bus was … Read more